Number the Stars Book Diary By: Cole


(1) When countries fight over what they and their people fell is right or want, though it is not always a good cause what people fight over or for.

(2) The people in those countries probably felt scared because they heard about all of the blood shed and didn't know who would be next to die or get hurt.


(1) The people who live next to me in or just live in my neighborhood, even if they aren't nice to me or we have never talked. I think neighbors are good because most of the time if your neighbors are your age you tend to become good friends with them.

(2) Well it depends who is fighting in my neighbor hood and what they are fighting for, if they were powerful people with powerful weapons I would probably call the authorities or someone of power or just go somewhere else or hide in my house and not come out. If they were fighting for a cause that I felt was right I would probably hide or leave my neighborhood still but not call the authorities or someone of higher power but I still would not be happy either way.

Number the stars

I think Number the Stars is going to be about a family who is Jewish that lives in Denmark during World War 2 when the German's invaded Denmark, and are captured or are in hiding for the war; I also think that they will help other people escape to a secure country.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, "Be one of many." I think this means to always stick with the crowd and to stay hidden and secretive so that your name doesn't become known. I think she said it to tell the kids to be aware of their surroundings and always be on alert.

I think Denmark and the Johansens will protect the Jews by standing up for them and providing for them what they can not do or get because of the Germans. The reasons they need to provide for them is because the Germans are not physically but figuratively torturing them by not allowing them to own a store or work so they are not able to earn any money, so they can not buy stuff.

At the end of chapter three Annemarie felt torn between whether she would help someone or whether she would not help someone, and at the end of the chapter she said it is good to be an ordinary person. Also she felt that she may not be brave enough to help them, if she does decide to help them.

I think she is different in chapter five because she is ready to fight for the Jewish people in Denmark and help them if necessary because she noticed how scary and mean the Germans are being.

I think the imprint on Annemarie’s hand shows that she will help Ellen if necessary no matter the punishment, and that it shows how good their friendship is.


My dog smells meat

We just read that Annemarie is rushing to the harborer because her mother broke her ankle to give a package to her uncle Hendrick that Mr.Rosen dropped, but as she is about to get to his boat she is stopped by four armed soldiers and their two dogs; kind of like the Little Red Riding Hood story that she was rehearsing in her head.

We just read that Annemarie is rushing to the harborer because her mother broke her ankle to give a package to her uncle Hendrick that Mr.Rosen dropped, but as she is about to get to his boat she is stopped by four armed soldiers and their two dogs; kind of like the Little Red Riding Hood story that she was rehearsing in her head.Judging by The Little Red Riding hood story she will be stopped, but she will out smart the soldiers and deliver the package to Uncle Hendrick.


Man Vs. Self

In Number the Stars when Annemarie is delivering a secret item to her Uncle Hendrik that she has hidden in a basket, but just as she is about to get to Uncle Hendrick's boat she is stopped by some German soldiers and two dogs. When they start asking her question she is debating in her head what her little sister Kirsti would say so that the soldiers would not think that she is delivering a secret item to her Uncle Hendrik.

I knew it was man vs. self because she was debating what to say inside her brain which is normally man vs. self. She learned that it is easier to be brave if you don't know everything because she didn't know what the secret item was.

Man Vs. Man

At the beginning of the book Annemarie, Ellen, and Kirsti are stopped by a group of German soldiers and one of the soldiers tries to touch Kirsti's hair but she hits his hand away.

Annemarie learned from this experience how to act like a silly little girl that would end up helping her deliver a crucial part for the escape of her friend Ellen. I knew it was an example of man vs. man because Kirsti got in a small fight with that soldier.

Man Vs. Nature

In Number the Stars Annemarie is stopped by soldiers and their dogs, as it turned out the dogs proposed a big problem because they almost caught Annemarie bringing a secret item to her Uncle Hendrik, but luckily not even the dogs can catch her.

I think Annemarie discovered not only that it is better to be brave if you don't know the whole story, but she also learns that she can be brave and can help the Jewish people of Denmark. I knew it was man vs. nature because dogs are animal which are apart of nature, and her main problem was with the dogs.

Man Vs. Society

I choose this picture because it show people from different places around the globe and it made me think of how the society in another place thinks of you if you are not from that place.

In the whole entire book the Germans are being mean and hurting Jewish people. A example of them being mean is when the Rosens went into hiding because the Germans were hunting them and all the people from their church, and once they captured them who knows what they would do.

Annemarie learned from the Rosens going into hiding that she wants to and can help the Jewish people that are being outlawed by the Germans. I knew it was man vs. society because the German's society are outlawing Jewish people.


It does't take a big action to create change. it just take a small action with a good cause.

What my quote means is that you don't have to do something big to create change, and that all it takes is a good cause to create change. A way the book shows this is because at the beginning of the book Annemarie and her family help Ellen's family escape so the Germans will not capture them and do horrible things to them. At the end of the book Annemarie runs a secret item to her Uncle Hendrik's boat and the secret item saves the Jewish people on board, but neither of those acts of bravery were a huge action to end the war or save a lot of Jewish people.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky & Stocky

" She was a stocky ten year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie."(Page 1)

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing characters's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means bulky or thickset.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; Other words: messy, lucky, cheesy.


Stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five year old would receive the message.(4)

Obstinate means to be stubborn. Annemarie is using obstinate to describe her sister.


Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt.(3)

Contempt means to disapprove. Contempt is how Annemarie thinks of the soldiers vocabulary.


But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk, sometimes at night, about the news they received that way; news of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produce war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported.(8)

Sabotage means to purposively damage something. Sabotage is used in this sentence to damage something to hurt the Nazis.


"Wait for me"wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the other two girls weren't listening.(2)

I think wailed means based on the sentence to yell or scream. Wailed is used in this sentence to describe how Kirsti is telling them.


She reached down for Kirsti's hand , but Kirstit, always stubborn, refused it and put her hand on her hips defiantly.(4)

Defiant means to disobey. Defiant in this sentence is used to describe Kirsti's personality.


Thinking of Lise, her solemn, lovely sister, always made her sad.(13)

Solemn means to be serious. Solemn in this sentence is used to describe Annemaries's sister Lise.


It was so long a time since they had dared to use the strictly rationed electricity after dark that the light in the room seemed startling to Annemarie watching through the slightly opened bed room door.(43)

Ration is used in the context of this sentence to show that they barely have any electricity to use.Ration means to store a limited amount of something for a time of need.


She looked down, and saw that she had imprinted the Star of David into her palm.(49)

Imprint means to leave a mark. Imprint was incorporated in this sentence to show that Annemarie was willing and ready to help Jewish people who are being hunted down by the Germans.


Ellen and Annemarie smiled tentatively.(50)

Tentative means to be unsure or nervous. Tentative is used in this sentence to show how fearful the girls were.


Ellen stood on tiptoe again, and made and imperious gesture with her arms.(39)

Imperious means to abuse power. Imperious in this context is to describe how Ellen is doing her hand gestures.


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