Newsletter 22nd June 2018

From the Head

I am delighted to inform you that we have this week signed up for the Well being Award for Schools - promoting and protecting emotional well being and mental health in pupils, staff and the school community. We will be working towards achieving this award over the course of next year and we will be asking you to participate to get all stakeholders views and opinions before writing our action plan and working towards accreditation. As you know, I feel very strongly about promoting wellbeing and resilience in our children and working towards this award shows our whole school commitment to this very important area of our children’s development.

Thank you for completing the Parents’ Survey regarding SRE; we had a huge response which was fantastic. Miss McNamara will go through your responses and send out further information in due course.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Sports Day on Monday; I will remember to wear suncream as it is forecast to be very hot and sunny! Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards, Miss Holloway


On Monday, we were extremely happy to welcome back Mrs Axelle Oxborrow from the French Institute. She came especially to see us to congratulate the Year 6 pupils who sat - and, of course, all passed with fantastic scores! - the French DELF Prim exam in May. She wanted to present them their certificates herself and personally tell them how amazing an achievement it is and how proud of themselves they should be. Obtaining this diploma reflects the level of proficiency these pupils have reached in French and they should all be thrilled with their results. I am tremendously proud of them!

We duly celebrated the event with bubbly and sweets (a surprisingly good combination!) and all thanked Charlotte, our French Assistante, for her wonderful support in preparing for the exam.

Year 6

This week Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Chartwell House- the family home of Winston and Clementine Churchill. The children had the opportunity to explore Churchill’s house, studio and grounds. This provided us with an insight as to who Churchill was and how he became the leader that he was. The children were shocked to learn that not only was Churchill a politician but a fantastic writer, who won the Nobel Prize for literature, and a painter of over 530 paintings! During our exploration of the grounds, we discovered a bomb crater from the time Chartwell was hit in 1940.

In science, the children conducted an experiment testing the effectiveness of a variety of sun creams. The children discussed whether the cost of the sun cream and the brand affected the quality of the sun cream. The children learnt about UVA and UVB rays and used ultra violet beads covered in a variety of sun creams to test which one was the best at protecting against the sun. Year 6 found that the most effective sun cream was one that was of average price, a cream application and not necessarily a well known brand.

Year 5

With the Year 6 presentation evening fast approaching, Year 5 have started to learn their dance to ‘Painting the Roses Red’. We are very excited about supporting the Year 6’s with their upcoming performance. Just a quick reminder: on the night, the children will need to wear black trousers and black tops/ dresses with black tights. They will also need to wear black plimsolls or trainers on the night.

In IPC this week, we have started to bring all our fairground rides together to form one theme park. We have been working in groups to draft out a plan of rides and amenities which will be in our theme park and we have also started to budget how much it might cost to be built. Our challenge is the make sure we do not go over our £4 million budget. We just hope our cost management skills are up to scratch!

In English, we have focused on grammar this week by looking at auxiliary verbs e.g. I have been practising my times tables - the auxiliary verb is ‘have’. In Maths this week, we have been consolidating our fractions, percentages and decimals knowledge by working through reasoning and problem solving questions. It has become very apparent how closely linked all three of these areas are. It has also highlighted how there is not just one method for answering these types of questions. We enjoyed working together to reason our answers.

Year 4

We enjoyed the launch of our new IPC topic Shake It! And took the opportunity to investigate milk! We looked at what milk contains and why it is good for us. We looked at the consistency, investigated temperature and started to explore how many different foods it is found in. We even tried our hands at making butter! The children we very surprised to find out just how easy it is to turn double cream into whipped cream and then butter - we were so proud of ourselves we treated ourselves to a scone and jam to enjoy with our handmade cream and butter!

Well done to the children in 4S for their wonderful assembly, telling the story of a group of children on an island in Thailand who were determined to play football. It showed how we can achieve amazing things with perseverance and resilience -even when others tell us that it is not possible.

Thank you very much for starting to learn the song words for our Year 6 presentation evening. We will be learning our dance for our song ‘The Caucus Race’ next week!

Year 3

Last Friday Year 3 had a fascinating visit to a Mandir (Hindu temple) in north west London. Pulling off the North Circular Road the children gasped as it came in to view - such a magnificent, and in many ways, totally unexpected sight! The children behaved exceptionally well, listened carefully and learnt at first hand how Hindus worship. This was invaluable experience. What an excellent group! To follow up our visit to the mandir, we used our knowledge of murtis and yantras to write about Hindu Gods and art within the temple.

Back at school this week, we have been learning about the digestive system. The children worked collaboratively and enjoyed activities concerning locating and stating the purpose of digestive organs. Some of the vocabulary was difficult but the children persevered. Ask your budding gastroenterologist to describe the journey of our food!

Thank you for starting to learn our song ‘The Golden Afternoon’ in readiness for the Year 6 presentation evening. We were most impressed by how well so many of the children know it already. We’ll be adding the dance moves next week!

Year 2

It is the end of another busy week for the children. We started the story of The Snail and the Whale in our English work. In our IPC topic, we decided to combine the World Cup with our food theme. 2DS have been looking at France and Mexico, while 2P have looked at Costa Rica and England. Talking of food, the school has taken delivery of lots of new cooking equipment and so the children were the first beneficiaries of the new bread machines, tasting banana, chocolate and soft grain bread. The smells coming from the rooms had staff from the rest of the school visiting us, asking to try them. Next week the children are looking forward to their fun day on Wednesday where they might get a little wet! Enjoy your weekend.

Year 1

This week the children in Year 1 have been thinking about change and the thoughts and feelings we have when we are faced with change. In Jigsaw lessons (PSHEE) the children discussed the different changes they face as young children, for example moving house or school. We then focused on the human life cycle and how we develop and grow, thinking about the positive changes at each stage. In English, we read ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’ a tale of change and growth. The moral of the story was that change is a natural part of growing up and although we might feel nervous or unsure, when we prepare for change and are reassured by friends and family, this can help us to be brave and to face the inevitable change ahead of us. After these very useful discussions, all the children became authors and illustrators and retold the story in their own words. Once the stories are finished they will pass on their wisdom to the Reception children in a shared reading session. In maths, the children have been solving the mystery of the sports day trophy. They were given five maths clues to solve and after each one was solved they had to cross out names from a list, until the culprit was left. Each clue involved different skills in maths. First they had to use the greater than and less than signs to solve a clue. Then they had to find the missing numbers in 2 digit subtraction number sentences. Afterwards, they had to find the totals of a variety of coins. Clue 4 involved following directions to find the culprit’s footprint. For the final clue they had to count the sports equipment and they had to present the data in a bar graph. The children worked in partners to solve all the clues to find the mysterious sports day trophy thief. We were impressed with their problem solving skills and determination to succeed.


This week’s highlight was the trip to the Environmental Centre for The Gruffalo trail. The story was read to the children and then we walked round the grounds of the centre looking for the story characters in the order in which they appear in the story. As you can see from the photograph we eventually found the Gruffalo and pretended to be Gruffalo’s ourselves! Following lunch and play we went on a treasure hunt looking for different coloured natural materials which the children each stuck onto a picture of the Gruffalo. Once again the weather was kind to us and we all had a lovely day.

Hairdressers have been very busy in the playground this week but I don’t think that Mrs Peters or Ms Carter will be changing their current stylists just yet!


The Nursery children have been finding out about creatures that live in rock pools ahead of our trip to the beach next week. We have been sharing stories about hermit crabs, starfish, anemones and bristle worms. The children have painted their own rock pools, and used images from the book “Sharing a Shell” by Julia Donaldson to bring them to life.

The children have also been scientists this week, exploring the properties of different objects to see if they float or sink. They have been making predictions, testing out their ideas, then sorting the items according to what happened. We had lots of discussions about how air helps keep objects afloat


A reminder that earrings of any description should not be worn for Games/PE lessons. If they cannot be removed, they should be small plain studs and covered up. Please also note that the green and white striped football socks are not needed for Games lessons for the rest of the term, plain white ankle socks should be worn.

Saturday Gardening Club

Many thanks to all the parents (and children!) who came to our Gardening Club last Saturday. The allotment plots are looking amazing after all the hard work. Apart from lots of work clearing the site, we managed to pick all our onions, a few strawberries and water all our plants. The next date is Saturday 30th June from 10am until 12pm. It would be great to see lots of you down there, you don’t have to stay for the whole time. Any time is appreciated.

Many thanks, Mr Pradic

This is only ⅓ of our total plot!

Bikers’ Breakfast

There will be a Biker’s Breakfast at school on the morning of Tuesday 17th July at school. To gain a ticket for this special breakfast, the children need to have cycled to school on 10 different days between now and the 17th July. This is a great way to improve the children’s fitness, well-being and independence.

If your child would like to take part in this challenge, she or he will bring home a Bike Challenge Card. Please sign and date it to show each day that he or she has cycled to school. If you live far away from school, it is fine to drive some of the way and cycle the last part (as long as it takes more than 10 minutes). When the card has been completed, your child should give it to Ms Scott who will exchange it for a ticket for the breakfast. Good luck with the challenge!

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