The topic of immigration is highly debatable among Americans today. The aspect of illegal immigration is a major issue all throughout our society. As a staple, President Trump has created a travel ban for certain countries. Undocumented immigrants paying taxes to stay in America. Trump said, he will consider allowing some undocumented immigrants with no criminal record. Trump also stated “that he would deport [“the bad ones”] meaning undocumented immigrants with criminal records. “They will pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty”.

Apprehension of illegals had increased from 252,000 illegals in a year to 260,000. Since the first day of Operation Blockade (September 1993) that rat has dropped 74%. Airport apprehension fell even more, from 1,034 to 8-15 a day. “Operation Hold the Line- as it has been renamed, marked a radical departure from previous border law enforcement strategy.” Since Operation Hold the Line or Operation Blockade has been enforced the number of apprehensions has dropped dramatically.

Fewer illegal immigrants more American jobs. If there were fewer illegals the American unemployment rate would drop. “We want to work. But with 500 El Paso seeking work as maid, 230 in childcare and another 1,200 in construction, according to John Martin’s study for CIS, the sharp decline in illegal immigrants improved the ‘Americans’ employment prospects.” With illegals being sent back it helps with the Americans who want to work get jobs.

Supporting the border patrol. A man names Reyes, served in Vietnam as a helicopter crew chief, when he returned home he joined the border patrol. “Are we supposed to be less American because we are Hispanic? I don't think so. I’ve fought for this country. I’ve committed my career to controlling its borders.” Hispanics saw Reyes as a hero, they displayed banners on border highway fences and put ribbons on antennas in support of Operation Hold the Line.

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