Super Time-Savers for Teachers 4 favorite websites and organizational tools to help you out!

Teachers Pay Teachers

On a time-constraint or do you lack the artful gene? Teachers Pay Teachers allows you to share and buy lessons and materials that you or other teachers have already made. You can download some for free, keep your eye out for sales and special promotions, or splurge on a colorful lesson that has it all. Have you developed a lesson or learning materials that you're super proud of and want to make a little extra $ for your time and effort? You can sell your stuff on TPT too. Click on the link above to get started!

SMART Exchange

With SMART exchange, you can borrow SMART board plans, games, activities, and templates that have already been created and shared with you! It's free and easy and saves you all the effort and time it takes to make a creative, well-planned learning activity that your students will enjoy.

Search by...

  • Subject
  • Grade Level
  • Topic
  • Even by file type! (includes SMART notebook, SMART amp, Images, Videos, PDFs and so much more!)

You can even join the community and share ideas through posts, getting feedback from other educators and stakeholders.

Class Dojo

Give Students a sense of ownership and control by letting them choose their own monster avatar!

Class Dojo is a great behavior management tool! Organize your classes and then with a simple click, give a plus or minus to each student as they do something good or bad in class. Personalize your behavior categories for what you need. Communicate with parents by sending messages or an overview/report of their child's classroom behavior. Show your students how they're doing through immediate feedback or long-term growth. Class Dojo organizes everything for you and simplifies classroom management!

Remember the Milk

"The smart to-do app for busy people"

We all know just how busy teachers are! Add everything in your personal lives and it can become a scheduling nightmare very quickly! With "Remember the Milk", you can get organized quickly and allow the app to remember all your dates and deadlines for you, freeing your mind up for more creativity (and relaxation).

Remember the Milk can send you notifications to all your devices (tablets, laptops, cell phones) and through different platforms (Text, email, even Twitter). You can even send reminders to other people! Send meeting reminders to colleagues, send test or rehearsal reminders to students, send conference times or concert reminders to parents, and of course, send reminders to your husband/wife to pick up the milk from the store!

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