OTL ePortfolio Project 2017-2019 Impact RePort


Pedagogical Consultations:

"Pedagogical" consultations consist of 1 or more (1-3 per individual per term) meetings to discuss strategies for implementing ePortfolios as a high impact practice in the classroom. These consultations are typically needed for individuals not participating in the ASEM/FSEM pilot.

Design Consultations:

"Design" consultations consist of 1 or more (1-3 per individual per term) to discuss alignment of ePortfolios with course outcomes and development of assignments and grading rubrics. These consultations are typically requested by individuals participating in the ASEM/FSEM pilot, but also encompass staff and students using the platform for other purposes (i.e. departmental repositories and archives, teaching portfolios for tenure & promotion, search committees, task team committees, etc.).
Over the past 2 years, 72% (or 38/53) consults were for faculty not participating in the ASEM/FSEM pilot

Tech Support Consultations:

General "Tech Support" consultations for the DU Portfolio application have historically been the responsibility of an individual in the OTL (similarly to the support provided for Canvas and for Clickers) which has been communicated to all users (faculty, students, and staff) via our website, staff directory bios, and side-bar items on the newsletter identifying Heather Tobin as the primary point person for these types of inquiries. The technology support provided includes: walk-ins, phone calls, and emails related to the operation of the DU Portfolio application.
Technology support needs have increased five-fold in the past 9 months

Pilot Group Support & Consultation:

"Pilot Groups" are groups of 5 or more faculty and/or 2 or more classes of students implementing the use of ePortfolios in an integrative manner i.e. with all MA Higher Ed students throughout their degree program, with all UCOL students in two academic programs throughout their studies at DU, with all students in the Daniels Distinction program, etc. Pilot group support and consultation typically includes all of the types that are identified above.
We are currently aware of 10 programs (in addition to ASEM/FSEM) affecting at least 41 faculty/staff and 655 students every academic term

Classroom Support

Classroom Visits:

These are 30-60 minute in-class sessions providing tailored combinations of the following: introductions to the ePortfolio platform, facilitated design and development exercises, and advanced design and technology support.
Faculty & Student participants of in-class workshops lead by the OTL have more than doubled in the past 9 months


Student Workshop Series:

As faculty began incorporating ePortfolio assignments in their courses, the demand for support and trainings grew beyond what could take place reasonably within the class period. The OTL offered a series of open training workshops to meet this demand, initially focused on supporting students in courses using ePortfolios with: using the application, developing their ePortfolios, and advanced technology and design.
A total of 65 participants have attended the 14 OTL training workshops offered over the past 2 years

Open Labs:

As the end of the term neared, the need for drop-in support with using the DU Portfolio application increased. The OTL began offering open labs 1 hour per day during the second to last week to accommodate this.
A total of 23 participants attended the 14 OTL training workshops offered over the past 2 years

Faculty Workshop Series:

The OTL has begun shifting the workshop series to be more "faculty-centric." The new series will include:

Faculty Orientation to DU Portfolio (offered during the inter-term): An introductory session highlighting the benefits of, and initial steps for, incorporating reflective ePortfolios as a High Impact Practice in the classroom. Participants will also be provided with a demonstration of how the DU Portfolio application works, and guided through the initial steps for creating DU Portfolio sites.

Using DU Portfolio in the Classroom (offered during week 2): A workshop that takes a deeper dive into the research linking reflective ePortfolios to increased student retention, completion, and satisfaction rates, when done well (and what "doing it well" means!). Participants will also be encouraged to identify appropriate resources available to them, and begin developing strategies and processes that taylor the use of DU Portfolio to the objectives of a specific course or program.

DU Portfolio Advanced Practice Lab (offered during week 5): An informal open lab where DU Portfolio adopters will be provided with tutorials for leveraging tools within the application to enhance reflective practices, and an opportunity to work through implementation and design challenges with colleagues, peers, and experts. Register now!


Custom Templates:

As faculty began developing a plan for incorporating ePortfolios into their teaching practice, their need for customized templates for students to use when developing the pages of their ePortfolios began to emerge. The OTL worked with several faculty members to create custom templates that could then be downloaded for use within individual ePortfolio sites.
28 Templates have been developed since January 2017

ePortfolio Project Site:

In response to a growing need from all ePortfolio adopters, we began curating a collection of literature, guides, and resources for the successful implementation of reflective ePortfolios in teaching and learning practices in July of 2018. The support site was linked to a Google Analytics account to track usage in January of 2019.
OTL ePortfolo Project Site - Users from 1/1/19-3/7/19
Detailed demographics of site user behavior from 1/1/19-3/7/19



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