Learning Resource Center St. Francis High School, Wheaton, IL

Learning Resource Center:

For assistance with your assignments and projects, you can reach me by clicking the above button and emailing me or you can join the Ask a Librarian Team using the following code: db2vzk5

  • Library Name: ST FRANCIS HS
Usernames & Passwords

username: stfrancishs password: Gospartans#1

  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Gale (password only)
  • Proquest
  • Oxford} username: sfhs password: spartan
  • Salem Press} password: stfrancis

username: stfrancishs1 password: Gospartans#1

  • Infobase
  • MackinVia
  • Username: SFHSCollegePrep
  • Password: GoSpartans
Axis 360: ebook access

Creating an Account

  • Navigate to the Axis 360 Homepage using the button above
  • Select “Login” and then enter an id, preceded by “spartans”. For example spartansastumpf
  • Then enter a pin number that you will remember.
  • Note: The first time you login, your will be prompted to register.
  • Once you have your account, you can browse thru the available titles and check out your next favorite read.
  • You can read online with your computer or download the Axis 360 app.


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