Anxiety In the mind

  • Do not be afraid of anxiety it's is a natural flight or fight response that everyone has
  • Believe I mean truly believe this is just a chemical imbalance that you have created from thoughts
  • Practice thoughts know that the more positive your thoughts the more you will let go of bad thoughts
  • Don't expect mericals remember that even though the thoughts and weird feelings are still there tell your self you're recovering
  • Just let all the bad thoughts and anxiety consume you, it will go away and will not hurt you.
  • Remember when you beat anxiety you can beat anything

Anxiety is all in the mind and you can control your thoughts and feelings by accessing your subconscious mind and forcing thoughts in your mind even if they're pretend.

Say these quotes. I am ok, I can beat this, anxiety is just my bodies natural response for when I am in danger, anxiety cannot hurt me, I am not afraid of you anxiety. Say this to your self over and over and over until you believe it.

By showing you this helps understand anxiety is all thoughts that you won't let go of because your mind won't let you. Take a moment and look at this pola bear picture then close your eyes for ten seconds and try to forget the picture. Your mind won't let you forget this picture because you're trying to forget the picture, it's the Sam as anxiety you're trying to forget the thoughts and your mind won't let you do it doesn't leave you.

Once you have come to terms with anxiety, and accepted that you have it only then will you recover.

Please contact me if this help you or if I can help you more email me

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