Battle of Juno Beach Chris trulock and Harrison Klossner

Troops in an amphtrack storming the beach.

Juno beach was one of five beaches stormed by the allies during their Invasion of France which at the time was occupied by Germany. These landings were all part of Operation overlord on June 6, 1944. The British, Americans and Canadians all stormed a series of five beaches to push back the Nazi Army and eventually push them out of France.

Map of Allied assault on Juno Beach.

Americans were not seen so much at Juno Beach but more the Canadian and British armies. Taking Juno was the responsibility of the Canadian Army and Navy with sea transport, mine sweeping and naval bombardment from the Royal Canadian Navy and British Royal Navy as well as reinforcements from the free French, Norwegian Armies and Navy's. These allied landings were a series of land to sea battles.

Allied forces advancing onward after taking Juno.

The ultimate objective was the Canadian, French, Norwegian and the United Kingdom had to capture the Carpiquet Airfield and reach the Caen-Bayuex railway line and destroy it all before nightfall. The landings encountered heavy German counter fire and shell bombardment in the process but the Allies still came out successful. The reserve 7th and 8th Battalions were deployed at 8:30 that morning and eventually came in contact with the 50th British Battalion and pushed east to help the Americans.

The allies encountered several delays in the operation like lines of these. They are called Atlantic Sea walls put up by Germans to stop Allied Tanks from landing.

Among the four Allied armies that assaulted Juno beach. The 3rd Canadian Division made it the farthest and completed the objectives. The word "Juno" was replaced by President Eisenhower in place of jelly. He thought "Jelly" was inappropriate for an Operation name so replaced it with a more dignified name " Juno".

Map of allied assault. shows pathways allies used to safely cross the English Channel.

The Normandy Landings had one purpose. To push back the German's occupation of France. The allies had decided not to use Operation overlord unless the USSR's situation became dire and needed help and if the German's western position in Europe weakened. Both of which did happen and the allies saw their opportunities and took it.

All five of the landing were successful and they moved onward to France where they were successful in pushing the German's out of France and weakening there western position and putting them in a war with two fronts which ulitimately put pressure on the Axis Powers all together.

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