Glacier Montana 2014 Part I

In which Tina and Adam visit Glacier National Park and see many animals.

Almost at the top of Going to the Sun road

First stop was Glacier National Park. An early start to avoid the crowds and we hit the Going to the Sun road.

Going to the Sun road
Logan Pass

At the top of Logan Pass we set out on the Hidden Lake Overlook "trail." Presumably, there is actually a trail under all the snow. We saw Bighorn Sheep trekking across the snow in the distance, then there were Mountain Goats in the not-so-distance. There were probably two dozen of them running all around up there.

Bighorn Sheep flock and Mountain Goats

The views were incredible and there were even more critters that visited us on the trail.

Wildlife near Hidden Lake overlook. Chipmunk and Hoary Marmot.
Many Glacier

We headed down the eastern slope to the Many Glaciers area. There was a lineup of cars and we got out to check out the cinnamon-colored Black Bear wandering around.

Cinnamon colored Black Bear

Once we got parked, we saw another cluster of folks looking across the way. That was where we saw bears 2 through 4 of our trip. A mom with the same cinnamon coloring and two little cubs. Definitely this year's model.

Mother Black Bear and cubs

We took a walk around Swiftcurrent Lake for some more gorgeous views.

Swiftcurrent Lake

Heading back up over the pass, traffic is snarled at the visitor's usual.

"Actually, I think there's a deer or something," Tina says looking up the road. "Wait, that's no deer..."

It was a Bighorn Sheep...and his thirty-odd friends and relations.

Bighorn Sheep

I've been to Glacier probably a hundred times or more in my forty-two years. I have never seen this many animals in any single visit.

McDonald Creek

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