Ergonomics Looking After Your Body!

Computers used for a prolonged period of time can cause pain in areas of the body including postural imbalances. Please find the following suggestions which are taught to students in class:

  • Change your seating position every now and then. Pain occurs when you stay in the same position without moving.
  • Give your eyes a break. Screen time should be limited in the evenings to allow students to sleep appropriately. The bright light of an iPad can trick the brain to thinking it is daytime.
  • We recommend not using the iPad for more than 30 minutes at a time. The iPads at school are used for regular, short bursts in class.
  • Keep volume low when listening with headphones. Students should still be able to hear conversations around them. If they can’t, the volume is too loud.
  • Keep iPads out of bedrooms. Charging them overnight in your bedroom is too tempting for anyone. Charge devices in another area of the house.

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