Oakfield News Issue 37 4th October 2019

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Reflections from our Acting Head

Monday's assembly focused this week on Article 28 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that all children have a right to education.

A group of our wonderful Year 6 actors helped me by performing a short piece of drama depicting the true story of a secret school for girls, run by an inspiring and brave teacher named Habiba Khilwat in Afghanistan during the Taliban's rule in the 1990s. We then discussed the privilege we enjoy to be educated in freedom and challenged ourselves to think whether we would be brave enough to either teach in a school or go to a school every day if we risked being arrested. The children also thought about what kind of teacher would make them want to come to school in such a difficult and dangerous situation. Key concepts such as freedom, responsibility, equality, learning, rights and tolerance were highlighted through the assembly.

I chose this theme because tomorrow is World Teachers' Day, and it seemed fitting to pay tribute to our teachers here at Oakfield who work tirelessly and creatively to help each child to be the best that they can be and to make a difference every day. Please talk to your child this weekend about a teacher you remember positively from your own experiences - I am sure that there are many inspiring examples!

Have a wonderful weekend, Moyra Thompson

Upper Foundation

Jamaica Assembly

Thursday 3rd October saw a very special Assembly based around the beautiful country of Jamaica thanks to the Peterkin family. Grandma Georgia sang a traditional song from the tropical isle, while mother Lisa had delicious Jamaica breads for the children to taste. A beautiful time was had by all!

Jamaican sunshine at Oakfield!

Message on behalf of our local food bank

Dear Parents and Carers,

In my role as ‘Eco Schools Leader’ I was shocked to find out that on average in the UK, we throw away over one third of the food that we buy. Knowing how many families are struggling to afford to buy food each week, this statistic is even more shocking.

At Oakfield, we have been collecting food donations for local food banks for many years, with children in Year 6 even visiting local food banks as part of their diploma scheme in the summer term. To date, Oakfield has donated over 3.75 tonnes of food and we want your help to increase this!

On Friday 4th October, Elizabeth, an ambassador of The West Norwood and Brixton food bank visited school assembly. She explained to children how the number of families in need have increased by 74% in the last year and our help is needed more than ever.

To mark Harvest time, between now and half term (18.10.19) all year groups are being asked to help to raise our current Oakfield food donations total to over the 4 tonne mark!

Specifically, Elizabeth has requested the following 5 items:

1. Hot chocolate

2. Long Life Sponge Puddings

3. Tins of beans/pulses

4. Tinned fish (e.g. tuna/sardines/etc)

5. Washing Up Liquid

If you are able to donate, please send your child into school with any of the above items and their form tutor will help them to fill up the donations box.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Francis

Do your bit and donate these items please!

Year 1

Perfect Pizza Making

Year 1 channelled their inner Gino D'Acampo to make their very own pizzas at Pizza Express on Wednesday 2nd October. They got to learn all about the different ingredients involved, 1AW made the yummiest pizza and were lucky enough to eat their delicious creations for lunch .

Getting a slice of the action!

Year 3

Dinosaur Discovery at Oakfield

This term we have been learning about dinosaurs. On Tuesday 1st October, our Year 3s returned after their school photographs had been taken to find a strange discovery in one of the classrooms!

A cracked open egg with orange spots was found in the middle of 3HB, sitting on a multi-coloured straw nest. There were also some suspicious footprints leading towards an open window. Curious indeed.

In their upcoming English lessons, the Year 3 children will be interviewing each other and writing up a newspaper report of this event to try to figure out the mystery!

Not your average chicken egg!


British Museum Trip Back in Time

On Monday 30th September, half of Year 4 embarked on a digital discovery workshop at The British Museum.

They used smartphones to find artefacts in the galleries and then we produced and filmed news reports on the fascinating Anglo Saxon burial ground of Sutton Hoo.

The other half of the year group have the same trip to look forward to in a few weeks time!

Who's there? Sutton Hoo

Year 6


The Polar Exploration

It was very boring, but it had to be worth it. Frankly, I wasn’t sure why I had agreed to come here anymore. My hopes of seeing a polar bear in this bleak and desolate landscape dwindled as fast as a candle in a glass case. Although I was safe in my rather modern comfy sled, it was very cold, colder than a wolfs heart, and it was quite eerie- the howling wind, my weary eyes fruitfully scanning the horizon...or at least where I thought the horizon should be. I couldn’t tell were the snow and ice ended and the sky began! It was exactly like being trapped in a snow globe; with unrealistically large snowflakes battering my numb face. Meanwhile, up with the elk that tirelessly dragged the shed. I gazed with envy at their luxuriously silky pelt. Lighter than gossamer, but exceptional practical.
Finally, after a long while, the snow began to lessen and not seem like a solid mass of glass, small tufts of heather began to appear and spring up above the infinite carpet, defiantly refusing to go down. It was getting dark, and the light of the bleeding sun reflected on the snow. The sky blazed in a symphony of amber and ruby, the deepest catkin saffron marbling together with the pastel pink of blossom and fox-glove. I halted my deer who instantaneously begin to nibble up the hoarfrost coated stems, showing no signs of exhaustion from the trip. I decided to set my camp up by a large snow-drift and a great bolder which looks as if it were made of moon rock. My tent was camo green, but hadn’t realised how desolate and wretched these barren lands were, so the tent turned out to be a painfully bright eyesore.
Gazing to the north, a great eye rose from the earth, followed by a body of stars. It leapt into the smoky sky, cloudy paws swiping to remove all traces of fire. There were no ethereal wings on the creature that made up the celestial light shoes if the artic this moonrise, the great creature lifted its head to stare into my soul... it was a star flecked bear...... an omen. I didn’t know for how long I stood there for, but When I finally came to my senses it was around midnight and I was freezing! I crawled into my tent to have a drink but then I realised my water has frozen! Staring in movement, I reached down to touch it…It broke! Thanks goddess it wasn’t solid, but I didn’t take any chances, and hid it in my rather pointless sleeping bag.
I went to check on the deer, look at the sky one last time and then fell into an I easy, dreamless sleep. Meanwhile, something had spotted our tent, and easy prey…. I woke to the sound of panicked squealing, coming from outside! I crawled out moaning, trying to blink the sleep from my eyes. What was going on? After my hazy brain wasn’t so fuzzy, I managed to see what was happening. A bear! A polar bear! With cloudy fur and spots of light on it from the mid-morning sun shining like stars. He swiped at my fire, the only thing that could keep me going, the deer. It spin round as I climbed out my tent, fixing its soulless silted eyes on me. They resembled a crescent moon. This is it, I thought. “I'm going to die in the paws of the creature I nearly died for to come see.” I muttered out loud. But the bear seemed to hear me, widening one rather startled looking eye into a full moon, before turning around to walk away into the dawn.

Laura Chantry, 6JW


Composer of the Week: Gustav Holst

For Composer of the Week this week, we take a trip through the cosmos via ancient Rome, with Gustav Holst's The Planets.

Highly recommended are Jupiter, with its anthemic tutti section, and Mars, which will get most children shouting "IT'S STAR WARS!!!"

The Planets is really fantastic and there are many resources out there that explore the piece in the context of education. Please feel free to have a look if you have a bit of time to fill.

Maths Challenge

Answers to Ms Chandler by Friday 11th October

Today is Emily’s birthday. Each year she has a birthday cake decorated with the same number of candles as her age.

This year will be her 20th birthday, so it's her twentieth cake but how many birthday candles have been used in total during the last 20 years? and how old was she when the 100th candle was lit?


Year 6 Captains Step Up

Congratulations to all the newly appointed Captains for the respective sports listed below. Captains for Swimming will be announced before the ISA Regional Finals in a few weeks and other sports will be announced in season.

Football - Sophie McCormick and William Johnson

Gymnastics - Danny Scott and Maggie Edwards

Netball - Lara Akadiri

Cross Country - Dylan Zawada and Edie Scott

ProKick Challenge Success

As promised last week please find below some photos from the ProKick Challenge last Friday.

Miss Francis said, "Year 3 enjoyed taking part in this year's Pro Kick challenge! They showed excellent team work by cheering each other on and celebrating each other's successes. They are looking forward to the prize giving assembly to find out the top scorers of each class. Well done Year 3!"

Finally, we can happily confirm that an incredible total of £2,272.57 was raised for the Sports Connections Foundation to help offer sporting opportunities to disadvantaged children throughout the UK and beyond. Well done everyone!

Can you kick it? Yes, yes you can

Trip to West Ham v Spurs in the WSL

On Sunday 29th September an eclectic group of girls, boys, parents and staff ventured out to the London Olympic Stadium to savour West Ham v Tottenham in the Women's Super League.

Conditions were wet, wild and windy but that didn't put off players or fans alike, with the second highest-ever attendance figures for a WSL game at over 25,000 people.

Well done to Spurs who won 2-0. And thank you to ALL that came along.

Special mention goes to Miss Chandler who kindly organised the trip.

For those who have been inspired on Saturday 12th October, Oakfield have two girls' football teams competing in a tournament in West London. Do register your interest now.

Also, any girls interested in playing football outside school, should speak to Head Girl Sophie Collier in Year 6 or Mrs Collier. Sophie plays for a girls' team in Dulwich and they would be interested to hear from new players.

Happy Hammers in the stands!

Year 5 Football

Oakfield took two teams to Alleyn's with a feeling of great optimism! However Alleyn's proved be a very good outfit, and the A team and B team came up short and lost to the better teams, however both teams showed great character, playing their hearts out!

2 weeks later they traveled to Dulwich Hamlet with all boys getting game-time and the A's coming up short 5-3 after drawing 2-2 at half time, while the B's and C's drew their respective matches.

All boys has fun and it was great to have every boy in an Oakfield shirt representing the school.

Year 6 Football

The year 6's travelled to Blackheath last week in the pouring rain, though spirits weren't dampened in the torrid conditions.

The B team which included 2 girls, Sophie Collier and Didi Stewart, came up slightly short against Blackheath's B team, however the A team got a battling draw, showing great resilience in what was awful weather.

All boys got a game, and it was great to have boys and girls in the same Year 6 B team for the first time at Oakfield!

DPL Swimming Gala

On Monday 30th September an excited minibus full of Year 3 and 4 Oakfield swimmers travelled to Dulwich Prep London for a memorable swimming gala. Our children swam in 4 heats, enabling us to see the strongest club swimmers from Dulwich Prep and Dulwich College. yet allowing our children to swim against equal competition in the other heats too. The emphasis was on taking part, having fun and conquering nerves and worries. Oakfield had a wonderful time with everyone having lots of swims.

Oakfield had a wonderful time, achieved loads of experience, had many successes and the question on everyone’s lips at the end was, “When is the next gala?”

Congratulations go to:

Year 3 - Naia, Conor, Rosa, Felicity, Ella and Eli

Year 4 - Leonardo, Ale, Chiara, Holly, Cosmo, Timmy and Tess

Upcoming Dates for your Diary:

7th October:

Guest Head Assembly: Dr Holsgrove (Thames Christian School)

Parents Evening - LF to Year 4

8th October:

1AR Trip

10th October:

Parents Evening - LF to Year 4

Beyond the Oak

Roll of Honour

Jacob Wagner - Surrey County Cricket Club Development Squad

Holly English - Published in YoungWriters

Edith Johnson - Published in YoungWriters

Have a wonderful weekend!


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