Jacques Cartier By David Marquez

In 1535 France's King Francis let the french explorer Jacques Cartier lead on a expedition to the New World to seek gold and many other riches, while also finding a new route to Asia. Cartier went on three expeditions along the St.Lawrence River later allowing the French to claim the land that would become Canada.
Jacques Cartier was born in Saint-Malo, France and began sailing as a young man.

First Voyage

He earned his reputation as a skilled navigator before his three famous voyages to North America. Cartier was also believed to have traveled to Brazil and new founded land before 1534. That year King Francis commissioned Cartier to lead a voyage to the "Northern Lands" with the purpose of trying to find a new route to Asia and collecting riches like gold and spices along the way. During the First Expedition he explored the western coast of the New Founded land and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Second Voyage

Cartier then made a report of the first expedition bringing back two Native Americans using them as guides for the second expedition traveling from the St.Lawrence River all the way to Quebec where they established base camp. The Following winter wrought havoc, Twenty Five of Cartier's men died of scurvy. In the Spring Cartier seized several Iroquois chiefs and went back to France. Cartier told the kind that Iroquois' had another river going west leading to more riches and maybe Asia.

Cartier's Third and Final Voyage

A war in Europe delayed plans of another voyage, which finally started in 1541. Cartier sailed for a few months and made it to Quebec in August 1541. After Cartier experiencing another harsh winter, he decided not to wait for the colonist to arrive and left for France with what he thought was gold and diamonds that he found near the Quebec camp. On his way back to France he stopped in the new found land and encountered Roberval (He was the founder of a new colony in the new lands appointed by the king) which ordered him to head back to Quebec, Cartier didn't listen and sailed away to France during the Night. When he made it back to France he found out the Minerals he had didn't have any value and he received no more royal commission. He then remained in his Estates in Saint-Malo for the the rest of his life.


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