The Saints' Express Christmas Edition

In this Christmas Edition of The Saints’ Express: Santa’s Workshop • 8C vs 8M: Christmas decoration contest! • St. E’s Delivers for the Greg Gannon Food Drive • Science & Technology • St. E's Alumni Interview • CYO Sports

Santa's Workshop

By Luke Garner

Excitement filled the air as Santa's Workshop boxes came rolling into St. Elizabeth! This year's workshop contained a variety of different gifts to choose from. You can shop for your brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, the list goes on and on!

The decorations make you feel like you are actually at the North Pole. This year the prices ranged from one dollar to seven dollars, and if you are asking me that is a great deal.

St. E's Students love Santa's Workshop!

Don’t forget to be good throughout the Holidays because Christmas is right around the corner. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P.S. I want to say a special thank you to all of the parent volunteers for finding a way to get down to the workshop on their own time. The parent volunteers always help throughout the year, so next time you see one, please say thank you.

Who Will Win? 8C vs 8M

Mrs Chandler and Mr. Morris compete for the best decorated classroom for the Christmas season!

Mrs. Chandler and Mr. Morris

By Grace Finnegan, Lara Dodd & Emily Shiotaken

Q: How did this start?

Mr. Morris: Mrs. Chandler and I were talking about our Thanksgiving decorations, and I mentioned that my Christmas decorations would be better than hers because my family owned a Christmas tree farm. Then I challenged her to a decorating contest.

Mrs. Chandler: Yes, Mr. Morris challenged me to a Christmas duel.

Q: How much did this cost?

Mr. Morris: I didn’t really spend that much. I made a lot of it, and I borrowed some from my parents. I did have to buy lights and other supplies to make this happen. Mrs. Chandler and I agreed not to spend too much.

Mrs. Chandler: I don’t know how much it cost, but it was worth it.

Q: What is the reward?

Mr. Morris: Bragging rights.

Mrs. Chandler: Yes, bragging rights.

Q: Who started this?

Mr. Morris: I did.

Q: Why will this matter in the future?

Mr. Morris: Christmas is fun, and Mrs. Chandler and I are friends. This will bring good memories for us and our students.

Mrs. Chandler: Class bonding.

Q: Why a competition with each other?

Mr. Morris: Because we are both the 8th grade teachers.

Q: When will the competition end?

Mr. Morris: It is being judged on Monday, December 12.

Good Luck to your both! And thank you for all you do for St. E's!

STORY UPDATE: Mrs. Chandler wins by one vote!
Do you know whose classroom this is?

Top 3 Things to See and Do during the Christmas Season in the Washington Metropolitan Area

By Marina Saad

Christmas is finally here and it is time to start filling your calendars with fun Christmas activities to do throughout the season.

There are so many wonderful things to do and sights to see in the Washington Metropolitan Area around the holidays. The top three things to do around this area include visiting the National Christmas Tree, driving through the Seneca Creek Winter Lights Festival, and walking through the Garden of Lights at Brookside Gardens.

1. National Christmas Tree

The National Christmas tree has finally been lit and is now being visited by many visitors everyday throughout the holiday season. The National Christmas Tree is illuminated with thousands of red, white, and blue lights and is also decorated with stars falling from the top. It is located at 15th and 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20500. The National Christmas Tree is definitely a great sight to see when you visit Washington, DC this holiday season.

2. Seneca Creek Winter Lights Festival

The Seneca Creek Winter Lights Festival is back again for its 21st season! Driving through the 380 illuminated displays of lights is always a blast when visiting. Through the 3.5 mile drive you will see hundreds of holiday light displays shining brightly on both sides of the road. Although there is a small fee, it is totally worth seeing every year and making it a part of your holiday traditions.

3. Garden of Lights at Brookside Gardens

Another light show to see is the Garden of Lights at Brookside Gardens. During the holiday season, their gardens are illuminated with thousands of lights which can be viewed almost every night through Christmas. If lights aren’t enough, go visit the greenhouse where they have a miniature train set click-clacking through it. Be sure to stop by the snack stand for apple cider, hot coco, and a s’mores kit.

Don’t miss out on all the local events this Christmas season! Make holiday memories by exploring these popular activities.

Merry Christmas!

CYO Girls Basketball

By Olivia Deoudes

It is shocking that time can pass so quickly. Basketball season is already upon us, and two games has passed. With all of the strenuous activities the eighth grade has, these ten amazing young women dedicate their time to playing a sport that they love.

One of these young women is Jaime Lu. Jaime was kind enough to meet with me for an interview about her basketball season.

Q: Who is your coach?

A: Our main coach is Ms. G, and our assistant coaches are Mrs. Chandler and Ms. Mooney.

Q: How many players are on your team?

A: Ten.

Q: How many games have you played?

A: Two.

Q: How many of those games have you won?

A: Both. The final score was 30 to 5 against St. Patrick's and 24 to 4 against Little Flower.

Q: How many games do you play in a season?

A: Seven and the CYO Tournament.

Q: How long are your practices?

A: An hour and a half, 5-6:30 pm.

Q: How many times do you practice in a week?

A: Once a week with the team, but a couple of times just by myself.

Q: When are your games?

A: Sundays at 1:15pm, 3:15pm or 2:15pm.

Q: What does teamwork mean to you?
A: Teamwork means working together. We're not just a team, we're a family.

Q: When is the CYO Tournament?

A: Around the end of February.

Q: What do you do in a typical practice?

A: We do layup lines, jump shots, drills, practice plays, foul shots, and worst of all, suicide drills. Lots of running.

Q: What does the uniform look like?

A: The uniform is a jersey and basketball/PE shorts. The jersey is reversible, the colors are navy blue and white. The eighth grade girls got new jerseys!

Good luck with the rest of your season!

The 2016 Greg Gannon Food Drive: 13,000 and counting!

By Nicholas Garner

The Greg Gannon Food Drive was about helping the less fortunate with canned food donations. It was a huge success!

I believe helping the poor is very nice and that is what God would want us to do.

As a school, we handed in a lot of filled bags and you could see in front of the main desk. Some of the people at the school and parish went around different neighborhoods to hand out all the bags with a paper on it to show what to do.

Thank you to all our student volunteers!

It said info about why we were doing it and what to do. Then, on one of the mornings the people had to go back, pick all of the filled bags up, count all of them, and then hand them into the school. After everyone is done they counted all of the food donations.

This year in total, we added up over 13,406 food items. I think this is very inspiring to our whole community.

Light Speed - Here We Come!

By Liz Frisbie-Zhang

Scientists have finally created what they call a "warp engine". That's right a WARP ENGINE. You know, the engines they have in Star Trek that allow your spaceship to go light speed.

So, how does this even work? Most scientists think that it works by bouncing microwaves (not the object) around a closed container. Actually, this hasn't really been invented yet, the warp drive was stumbled upon accidentally, like it has before many times.

Is this the future of space travel?

However, the warp drive (when it really gets invented) will solve many problems in space travel. We will be able to fly across the Universe in hours, get to the moon in seconds, and many more exiting things.

The future of space travel in upon us.

Coding: Wars of the Fifth Galaxy

By Raymond Kim and George Frisbie-Zhang

Wars of the Fifth Galaxy is a game where the goal is to destroy enough enemies to gain points, when you have enough points, the boss will appear. To move in the direction of the mouse, you use the W, A, S, or D keys. Click the left button on the mouse to fire, and press the M key to use the sword. The G key is a grenade.

You start with 50 HP, and you lose some every time you receive damage, and eventually gain it back. Tools to use will appear every once in a while, each with different affects. There are also different types of troops, each with a different specialty. The regular ones are simple. They walk towards you, and deal damage.

There is one troop that has a range effect, and that stays in one place and fires at you. Giants can only be eliminated by the sword, so it is hard to do. The boss at the end has an enormous amount of health, but if you defeat it you will win the game.

I hope you use the link below to enjoy our game.

St. E's Alumni Interview: Chad Frick '15

By Cameron Frick

Chad Frick, Class of 2015

Chad Frick is a Sophomore at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, and an alumni of St. Elizabeth.

He has many after school activities such as Good Counsel baseball and Student Counsel, so he may know a thing or two about high school. Here is what he had to say when I interviewed him on what is it like to be in high school after graduating from St. E's.

Q: What is the biggest change from St. Elizabeth to high school?

A: There are a lot more people at your school and it's bigger. You don’t know everyone in your class like St. E's.

Q: On a scale from 1-10 how well did St. E's prepare you for high school?

A: 9.9 because I was ready for school work because St. E's gave a lot of homework and study skills.

Q: How much do you meet up with your friends from St. Elizabeth?

A: I see them in the winter for CYO basketball or at events with other schools. Good friends will text you and try to find time to hang out.

Q: What is it like to play sports or other activities at your high school?

A: During the sports season you'll probably practice every day. You have to try out for the team and you'll only make it if you work hard.

Q: What was your favorite thing at St. Elizabeth that you hoped to find in high school?
A: Mr. Spadoni was a great principal and he knew everyone's name. The principal isn't as close with all the students in high school.

Q: What is it like making new friends at your high school?

A: If you play a sport your teammates are usually become some of the first friends you meet. However, I'm constantly meeting and making new friends at school.

Q: What are your field trips like at your high school?

A: My first field trip is after Christmas break. We will go to the house where our school's priest lives.

Q: Are the tests at your high school harder, easier, or the same as St. Elizabeth?

A: Harder.

Q: How is homework at your high school?

A: I have probably the same amount of homework as St. E's. But Good Counsel has only four periods a day so I only have to do homework every other day.

Q: What advice would you give us St. Elizabeth students on high school?

A: Don't worry about it too much. Do your best.

Best of luck with the rest of your school year!

How Sandbox Games Promote Creative Thinking and Coding

By Patrick Donahue

Sandbox games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Terraria can be beneficial for kids. Sandbox games are video games which allow you to change the terrain of the world which you generate.

These games can be played on consoles, computers, and tablets. First of all, Minecraft players who know the Java programming language (Minecraft is written in Java) can make plugins and mods, changing the game to how they want it. I actually have a maximum of 30 mods in my .minecraft folder. You can also customize your avatar, build anything you want, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Next, Roblox has a motto "Powering Creativity". Obviously, you have a chance to be creative with Roblox. It is uses Lua. Lua is currently the leading scripting language for games. You can make your own game with it and post it so others can play it. You can also customize your avatar.

Terraria is different, but you can still be creative with it. It is written in C#. Terraria is themed more about fighting bosses, not building. Terraria is a more minor game than Minecraft and Roblox, but is still popular. There are no mods available, but there are maps. They are prebuilt builds which you can download. The game is huge, and there are a lot of blocks to play around with.

Currently, my favorite sandbox game is Minecraft, with Terraria in second, and Roblox in third. Have fun!

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