National Park Service Topic: Taking A Stand

Thesis: On March 1, 1872 the first national park was established, the Yellowstone National Park.In response to logging and poaching in 1916, the National Park Service took a stand against deforestation and animal encroachment and wildlife death and formed. This has resulted in saving wildlife and letting people see the beauty of nature before it’s all gone.

There are 59 National Parks in the United States of America.

There are around 412 units including trails, historic sites, including National Parks which are part of the National Park Service.

The National Park that helps the economy and the spread of knowledge of wildlife the most is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

If you're going on a tour of some of the National Parks the state that has the most National Parks is California with 9 National Parks statewide.

The founders of the National Park Service were Theodore Roosevelt, Horace M. Albright, Stephen Mather, and Woodrow Wilson.

National Park Units sometimes are monuments depicting past wars and discovery and celebrating events from previous times

National Parks are helped run by volunteers who care about our past and future and partners helping to fund and keep the park safe

The National Park System values education, enjoyment, and inspiration

The National Park Service was made to protect trails and monuments from the past in a big range when also protecting life in the different ecosystem.

Them discovering their future in the past had paved monuments in the future to be protected, enjoyed, and cared in the distant future

President Theodore Roosevelt helped develop greatly with different types of systems.

During his time of presidency five new parks were created, as well as 18 national monuments, four national game refuges, 51 bird sanctuaries, and over 100 million acres of national forest.

The National Parks can be found throughout the nation!

The facilities used in the National Park for guests to stay in range from tents to log cabin.

National Parks are there to educate people about our nation's rich history like war monuments among others

National Parks can inspire artists with the beauty of nature and architects could build buildings based natural formations and tree house builders could find their special species of tree and research for biology reasons

National Parks can be found in every state except for Delaware

The largest National Park that can be found is in Alaska and is called Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

The smallest National Park can be found in Pennsylvania and is found by the name Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial and is less than an acre big.

National Parks are here to protect beautiful pieces of our history and nature

National Parks will protect our history years to come and years after that our diverse ecosystems in this country from Hawaii to Alaska.

The National Park Service has a history filled with acts and establishing new parks and monuments into the services care.

The National Parks are visited by more than 275 million people every year.

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