The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Spatial Experience

My feelings were very mixed when I was first walking into the theatre as I have never been in there before. I was seated towards the front of the theatre which gave me and ompitmal view for the play. I had about five minutes to converse with others until the play actually started. Once the lights started to dim, I was filled with excitement and was ready to watch the well anticipated play. The auditorium size allowed to keep the view as if you were the only person in there but also allowed to fit in a lot of people to see the play. The role of place is very important to the good life as it effects how the play is viewed and intrepreted by the audience.

The Social Experience

While attending the play, I went with my two friends Joe and Collin pictured above. Going into the performance, we were a little confused about what the play would be about. So we did a quick search while walking into the theatre to get a general grasp of the play. Having friends attend the play with me helped to keep the plot together as well as have good company while viewing the play. Shared experiences allow for experiences to be more enjoyable as you are making good memories with others. This allows for the good life to be easier to reach as having company enhances the experiences much better.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The time and setting of the play is 1905 in Canada. Some of the main issues addressed in the play is the poor working conditions of the labor class and also the power divide of the church and the influences it brings with it. Attending the play, I knew that the working conditions were poor for the working class and needed major reform as a result. I was more shocked to realize the influence that the church still held on society. In the play, the church believed it held the authority or influence to convince Sarah Bernhardt to not preform in her play. Although she refuses but I was still shocked to see the churches influence on society. The performance only strenghtened my views of the poor working conditions and the churches influence on society in the early 20th century. The play helped me gain a more historically accurate account of what life was like in Canada over a hundred years ago. Although the church has dropped in influence on society, the working conditions of the working class could still be improved although they aren't nearly as hazardous as they once were.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt offers multiple chances for katharsis or the chance to come clean. One example for katharsis examined in the play was with the poor working conditions of Talbot's mother and brother but also the corrupt nature of Talbot himself. The play allows for the audience to view working conditions of the early 20th century and how much progress that has been made to better the conditions. However there is still much work to be done in this area. Another example of katharsis is through Talbot's corrupt nature as a priest. Talbot presumably got into a fight with another priest and stole some artifacts such as precious silver. No one seems to notice or care about Talbot's corrupt nature and is a direct reflection on society Just because a person is in a position of power or authority does not mean that we still do not hold them accountable to the same laws as everyone else..


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