Greek 6 Component Project By: Sam Barnard

Cities And Geography Of Greece

The geography of Greece includes islands, mountains, and peninsulas. Greece was surrounded by mountains so they relied on the ocean as their main source of food and travel. Greece has a small supply of fresh water so they couldn't do a lot of farming. Instead of farming, they did a lot of fishing because they needed fresh water for drinking and couldn't waste it on farming. Greece cities-states were all by the ocean and or a river because those were their main sources of food and the rivers also supplied fresh water. Their location also meant that it was easier for parts of Greece to trade with one-another.

Class Divisions Of Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, The citizens ran the city-state. The Greek citizens viewed each other as equals. only free men who were born in Greece and owned land could become citizens. women and children could be citizens but they didn't have the rights that men did. the rights of Greek citizens were: 1. they could go to the agora and choose if certain laws should be passed or not. 2. they had the right to vote for a leader. 3. they could own property. One downside of all this is they had to serve their city-state in it's military. Other places like Egypt and Mesopotamia had citizens but they weren't allowed to have a say in the laws. They were considered subjects but in Greece, almost everyone was equal aside from the slaves. Greece was more fare to their people because the people got a say in how Greece was run but in Egypt and Mesopotamia, the empire was run by the ruler and sometimes his family.

Art Of Ancient Greece

One part of ancient Greek art were fables. Fables were stories that told lessons. Fables were created by people to tell to children so they would learn valuable lessons. Another part of Greek art are myths. Greek myths are normally fake or they can't prove them to be true. An example of Greek myths are the Greek gods. everyone believed them to be real but no-one could prove them to be real or fake. A third type of Greek art are paintings. Paintings are pictures made with multiple colors to create a picture. Some paintings were huge and covered whole walls and others were small enough to to fit on a night stand in a bedroom. A fourth kind of art are sculptures. Most Greek sculpture were of the Greek gods. Sculptures can be made in many ways. You can carve wood or stone, you can also use clay or metal to farm a sculpture. some Greek sculptures were carved of stone, some were made of clay, and some were carved of wood. The fifth and final kind of art I will talk about is architecture. This is the art of building buildings. Greek architecture was made mostly out of marble. This made the buildings very hard to construct. Almost everything in Greece had something to do with art. This made them very advanced because to create art, you need to think outside the box and this shows in their architecture. Greek art spread to many places like Persia, Asia, and even modern USA. These ideas spread to Persia and Asia during the peloponnesian war. This was when Alexander the great captured Greece, Persia, Egypt, and other empires. you can see Greek art in the USA by looking at famous monuments like the white house or by looking at the architecture of the museums in Chicago.

Government Of Ancient Greece

Tyranny: Tyranny is a type of rule that was obtained by force and they alone control the government. One advantage of this is there are no arguments on what to do. One disadvantage is that people tend to revolt against their ruler because of how they rule over their people. One example of a place that used this was ancient Egypt. Some pharaohs took a more violent approach to their rule. Oligarchy: Oligarchy is when a few people had power but not all. One advantage of this is the choices were more fair because there were more people in charge. One disadvantage is there could be a lot of arguing because every choice has to be a compromise. An example of this type of government is Sparta. They used on oligarchy. Representative democracy: this type of government means that every region of the place had a representative and they were to make votes on things that all the people of that region agreed on. An advantage of this type of government is every part of the place has a say in the government. One disadvantage of this is rulers might not agree on everything and majority rules so some people might not always be happy. An example of a place that has this is the united states of america. The final government type I'm going to talk about is a direct democracy. A direct democracy is when everybody has a direct impact on how the government is run. On Advantage of this is everyone has a chance to get their point across. A disadvantage of this is there are a lot more people so there are a lot more ideas and this can lead to conflict. An example of this is Athens. they had a direct democracy.

Greek Religion

The people of Greece believed in many gods and goddesses. They believed that every person had a different destiny. They believed that the gods they worshiped looked and did things like humans despite their supernatural powers. They also believed the the gods were all family. People invented the gods to explain things they didn't understand. Things they did because of these beliefs were they visited oracles. They also preformed rituals and sacrificed things like animals. This they believed created things like the Minotaur, a sacrifice of a man and a bull. They also tried to be good people in their life so they wouldn't be punished in the underworld.

Greek Writing Systems

The Greek alphabet has 24 letters that each have their own sound. They got the idea for their alphabet from the Phoenicians. The Greek alphabet was easier than before so more people could learn it. This made more people start to write things down. Αυτή είναι η τελικήστοιχείο μου-this is my final component.


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