A year long professional learning program for Jacksonville North Pulaski School District educators that focuses on inspiring them to create student centered, technology rich, learning. The FLY CLOSER cohort will learn innovative strategies that will have positive impacts on student achievement.

Why "fly closer"

FLY CLOSER is a cool name for an academy, but it also explains our ideology. In Seth Godin's book "The Icarus Deception," he discusses the Icarus myth and how in it's creation Icarus was told to not fly to close to the sun, or too close to the water. He compares this to modern society and how to succeed in whatever your "art" is you must be remarkable and fly as close to the sun as possible. The shear amount of resources available to you and saturation of the market demands it. In the FLY CLOSER academy, we aim to fly closer to the sun so that our we are always innovating within our art and making an environment in which students can grow to be innovators themselves.

Fly Closer Details

The program will be yearlong. Participants will need to be motivated and excited about professional development opportunities, even if they may require time outside of the school day. Participants will engage in 4 professional development days throughout the school year, Google level 1 & 2 mini boot-camps and get awesome opportunities throughout the year.

How to Fly Closer

There's an application process to get into the FLY CLOSER academy (You will need a Principal's letter of support in addition to the application itself). The application is linked below, along with a Google Doc that you can fill out beforehand, if you so desire. Application: http://bit.ly/flycloserapp Doc: http://bit.ly/flyclosertemplate

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