Things Fall Apart Photo essay by: FRANSOIR JONES

There are many keys to life, but its not the same in all cultures. In a culture shown in the book Things Fall Apart, Respect and Reputation are key. But it is not easy to gain these, it is achieved through hard work, and in most cases Fear. A man is judged based on what he has and who he is. A Mans Masculinity is constantly challenged and pushed. This describes the culture of Okonkwa and his people.

Respect and Reputation
This is Adolf Hitler, known for the reputation, and respect he had with his fellow germans
Hitler was known for having all of Germany in his hand. He was powerful, but he was also feared. Much like Hitler, Okonkwa was also fierce. Okonkwa was known for the respect he had on his tribe, and he carried quite the brutal reputation

In many places fear was used to control, or even gain power. The amount of power a man possest defined him, but at what cost does gaining power have?

All through the book "Things Fall Apart", people are bound by fear.
Okonkwo being controlled by the fear of being his father, and having little.
Many tribes at that time were being slaughtered , or forced into a way of life.
In many cases missionaries converted africans to christianity, stripping their cultures away

In the culture of Okonkwa, men are masculine. They do not fear, nor do they shy away from challenge.

Mens Masculinity
Okonkwa supports his family, even if he wasn't the best father or husband. He believes that a stronger man supports more than just himself, but he supports a family.
From start to finish, this book gives voice to the people that suffered during african colonization. Most, if not all the literature at this time described a culturless people. People that were savage and needed to be "civilized". They had a culture, driven by Masculinity, respect, and where reputation carried weight. Their lives soon became driven by fear, and being forced out of the culture they already had.

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