Aristaeus the creator and protector of various crafts

The story of Eurydice and Orpheus."Aristaeus." Infoplease. Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus, died when she was bitten by a snake that she had stepped on while being pursued by Aristaeus. (Aristaeus. N.p.); He liked the lady and was demanding a smooch from her soft lips, but she wanted no part of it and took off running in the other direction. When Orpheus found out about what happened, he told Zeus and he made all of Aristaeus bees die! Later, Aristaeus sacrificed an animal for Eurydice's spirit and nine days later, all the bees came back to life. Aristaeus was so happy, he taught the people how to get honey, grow olives, make cheese, and use medical herbs. ("ARISTAEUS - the Greek God of Farming (Greek Mythology)."

  • Name: Aristaeus
  • Gender: Male
  • Rules Over: Various arts and crafts
  • Parents: god Apollo and huntress Cyrene
  • Sacred Animal/Symbol: Bee hive or sheep
  • Siblings: Phaeton, Asclepius, Troilus, Linus, Orpheus
  • Children: Actaeon and Macris
  • Married To: Autonoe (daughter of King Cadmus of Thebes)
  • Roman Name: Aristaios
  • Jobs/ Occupation: Shepherd, maker of cheese making, beekeeping, honey and honey-mead, olive growing and oil milling, medicinal herbs, and hunting.
  • Character Traits: Helpful, Clever, and Caring. Aristaeus was helpful because, he taught the people to farm and survive. He is clever because, he figured out a way to make food and ask the gods to revive his bees. Lastly, Aristaeus is clever because, he was the main reason there are arts and jobs today.
  • Theme: An ordinary boy becomes an all known Shepard, maker, and protector of various arts. Do to the knowledge and skills this young man had, the Greek gods began to value their health, food, harvest, and farming.
  • Character Analysis: Before the knowledge and skills, Aristaeus was a skinny little boy that did not know much. After Hermes fed and nurtured him with nectar, he became strong and talented both physically and mentally.("Aristaeus. " Encyclopedia Britannica Online).
These are just some of the arts and skills Aristaeus had taught the people.
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