UTSA Adobe Creative Campus Examples Showcasing some of the ways our students, faculty and staff have been using Adobe to improve their digital literacy

Photo above by UTSA student Lauren Stephens

Students in UTSA Department of Architecture associate dean and lecturer David Matiella's Design Visualization class showcase their work using Adobe Portfolio:

Kyra Barclay: https://kyrabar869a843.myportfolio.com/design-1

Blake Bebar: https://blakebebar.myportfolio.com/work

Cesar Cano: https://vjk124.myportfolio.com/des-viz-assignments

Alejandro Moran Porras: https://alejandromp2020.myportfolio.com/design-visualization-1

Macey Mendoza: https://fpw773a819.myportfolio.com/design-visualization

Jaqui Ruiz: https://gxh809.myportfolio.com/chapter-1

Lauren Stephens: https://ilv063.myportfolio.com/work

Thalia Vivens: https://tci228.myportfolio.com/design-visualization-portfolio

Photo on left: Lauren Stephens - Analytical drawing of the Pearl in downtown San Antonio using multiple types of lead pencils and applying shading and tonal values through scribbling.

UTSA Department of Music lecturer Jourdan Howell uses Adobe programs to create marketing materials for the choral area.

UTSA Department of Communication Distinguished Senior Lecturer Mary Dixson created service learning opportunities to support the San Antonio Zoo

These artifacts have been created by: Darren Countiss, Christina Edwards, Sabrina Hamayun, Ilse Rosales Martinez, Jonathan Vanrheeden, Sean Gollahon, Jacob Morales, Isabella Talamantez, Michael Turnini and Kiva Zinn.

UTSA student Daniela Silva used Adobe programs to turn photographs into illustrations.

UTSA student RJ McGuire used Adobe programs to create posters for Campus Recreation.

UTSA Student Adobe Ambassador Aaron Rodriguez uses Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe products for a variety of design projects.