Sit-ins By Tommy P

Sit-ins were a form of peaceful protest African Americans used in Diners in order to gain equal rights in diners. What led to sit ins were the segregation of seats in diners and res truants.

(SNCC) were a committee of students all over the nation who participated in these sit ins.Some big names were Stokely Carmichael and Fannie Lou Hamer. They impacted the invent with their persistence of peaceful protesting, today they leave an impact on society by showing that peaceful protest such as sit ins can change society.

Participants in these sit ins would eventually be met with violence and police brutality and even assault from white customers

This video shows how the other customers attacked the peaceful protesters because they didn't know what else to do.(Start at 45 seconds)

Today sit ins are still used as a form of peaceful protest (India). The lasting impact sit ins left were that nonviolent protests do leave lasting marks.


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