Disappearance of species Quinto de Primaria

The animal species disappear mainly by the environment poaching, construction of cities in their natural habitat.

Unfortunately, there are animals that we can no longer see and someday we will not be able to see others anymore.

Not only are the animals the ones that are going through this, but also the plants, because when people destroy the habitat of animals, they are destroying trees, flowers...

The worst thing is that people are still hunting the few remaining animals.

In the world, there is a list of endangered animals. Here, there are some examples: polar bear, tiger, java rhino, red tuna, asiatic elephant, panda bear, brown bear, mountain gorilla, trunk tortoise, Sumatran orangutan, Magellan penguin, jaguar, Mexican grey wolf.

Although we try to save the animals that are in danger of extinction, there is no turning back.

Nacho Casanueva, Carlos Biosca, Lucía Simón y Eva Mansilla.

The extinction is the disappearance of species of living things. Animals and plants are in danger of extinction because humans build roads, cities... And that destroys their habitats.

For example: George, the last Galapagos tortoise died in 2012. Its exact age is not known, but it is estimated that it was older than 100 years.

There are many public and private organisations that work to protect living things. The most important one is the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). The IUCN is the oldest and biggest environmental organisation of the world.

Ignasi Carci, Marta Torres y Nathalia Acosta.

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