H7-1 Sugar Beet BY: Tanner wulkopf

The Sugar Beet had a hard time growing with weeds so scientists modified it with the cp4 epsps gene which makes it resistant to the active ingredient in weed killer. Allowing farmers to spray their crops and not harm the sugar beet.

KWS Saat AG, the German seed company is the one that created the H7-1 Sugar Beet. They used the same thought process that Monsanto used to modify the soybean. The company modified the sugar beet to make it resistant to weed killers.

Pros of GMOs: Adding additional vitamins and minerals to aid ailing populations and help with overall health; Creating plants that assist farmers to combat soil erosion; and GMOs allow us to create more crops to feed the worlds fast growing population.

Cons of GMOs: GMOs could cause people with certain allergies to have their allergies triggered (ex: a peanut gene put into another organism); Small farmers can't compete in the market with large farmers using GMO products because the cost is too expensive for them; and there's no testing to determine the long term effects of GMOs on humans.

In my opinion, GMOs are a good thing overall. GMOs give us more food, more vitamin-rich food, and they help to prevent soil erosion. With continued testing and experimentation, we should resolve any concerns over health risks. Assistance could be given to the smaller farmers, so they can compete with the larger farmers with GMOs.

Additional sources: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/harvest/exist/



Created By
Tanner Wulkopf


Created with images by WikimediaImages - "sugar beet harvest agriculture" • ost2 - "lab chemistry research" • USDAgov - "20120105-OC-AMW-0369" • Dag Endresen - "Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)" • artursfoto - "modified tomato genetically"

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