Tremendous' Weekly Content Review 04 - 18 -- 04 - 25

HELLO all you crazy T9A'ers! Welp, its time yet again for another WEEKLY content Review! Feels like only a week ago I did my last one.... weird! Anyway, this week was far from a let down! If you're worried you missed something you can stop now, here is your guide to all the past week's glorious T9A Content!


Mr. Axhol starts us off this week with a couple of casual Battle Reports. In them the Empire of Sonnstahl have to deal with some High Born Elves and then an infestation of Demon Legions. Not a good week to be a Sonnstahl Infantryman!

Mittierim and his Boys are up next and this week we get another couple OUTSTANDING episodes of his Narrative Battle Reports. Episode 21 features the Saurian Ancients going up against the High Born Elves, and Episode 22 features them going up against the Beast Herds. Both battles are BLOODY and the narrative overtone REALLY makes the battle intense! LOVE THESE!!

And just in case you needed a recap of the alliances in Mittierim's campaign, the man was kind enough to write this article explaining them.

Gabriel.Thorn brings us a nice article an the progress of his Saurian Ancients Army. Great little article and some VERY well painted models!

I, Lord Tremendous!, am up next with a couple battle reports showcaseing Games 1 & 2 of the Adepticon 2017 GT! Such great games!!!

Next up we have a really well written and fun article by Skargit Crookfang. In it he goes over his list building and general thoughts on T9A Past and present! Its a really good read!

Another AMAZING Darksky Written battle report is out this week and MAN is it a good one! I always enjoy when he posts a new Article and this one is far from a disappointment! Well worth the read!

Up next we have Rasmus7814 bringing us a battle report where his Kingdom of Equitaine Pesants take on the Warriors of the Dark Gods! This is another VERY good game!

The Legendary Giant is back this week with some solid content! First, we get a video explaining his "Road to Germany" (Episode 1&2). Then we get a Brunch and Battle Report! JOY!!!

Genephelps of WARGAMING FROM THE BALCONY is next and this week the guys bring us a mirror match Battle report where two opposing noble horselords fight for the title of ALPHA-horselord! I love it! Then, we get a very solid WotDG army book review!

There is No Spoon brings us an excellent article this week where he sits down at the feet of 2DSICK and shares with us the process of painting his Vortex Beast. He remains modest for the entire article. No small feat!

The GOD-Father

The Godfather himself is back this week with a cornucopia (Go ahead and look it up, its accurate) of LEGENDARY content. The man has put together all of his Tournament Battles and posted them for us to enjoy. The community got a little better through this man's generous actions. Go now... watch them!

SkaveninAZ is back as well this week and brings us another delightful Vampire-y good Battle Report! In it, his undead horde fights against some pompous Kingdom of Equitaine blokes! Watch as SKAZ kicks ass like a flight attendant on United!


Tunafishsandwichify is up next and this week he brings us Game 2 from the Battle Cry Tournament. Warriors of the Dark Gods go up against the Dwarven Holds in an epic showdown!

And that's going to do it for this week's content! Holy Square Bases it was a solid week! Hope you guys and gals enjoyed it and get all caught up because next week is fitting to be just as great as this one! ENJOY!

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