Protecting Boaters at the Gas Pump

President Trump announced that his administration is moving to allow year-round sale of 15 percent ethanol blended fuel, or E15.

Action is needed to ensure consumers are aware of the types of gasoline that are available at the pump and what is safe for their engine. Why? Labeling is inconsistent at stations across the country that are offering E-15, and new legislation would help ensure boaters are protected while fueling up.

Source: Outdoor Power Equipment Institute
Source: Outdoor Power Equipment Institute

Gas Station near Denver, Colorado

Labels continued to be placed in areas away from the fuel selection, continuing to create confusion for consumers at the pump.

Gas Stations near Ann Arbor, Michigan

Where are the warning labels?

The current labels can tear becoming completely ineffective at educating the consumer at the gas pump.

Gas Station near Davenport, Iowa

Would you know that one of these fuels would potentially damage or destroy your boat engine?

Gas Station near Clinton, Iowa

Which button would you select? Is it clear?

Gas Station near Chicago, Illinois

THE PROBLEM: Not only does this station sell both E85 and E15, but there’s no distinction between the two fuels, leading to even more consumer confusion.

What’s more, the labels are small and randomly placed on the pump.

Gas Station near Cedar Lake, Indiana

Can you find the E15 warning label?

It’s buried down here.

Gas Station near Kenosha, Wisconsin

Is the difference between these fuels clear, other than price?

What does “contains 15% ethanol mean?” What fuel would the consumer choose when the price for E15 is cheaper?

No consistency. No clarity. No protection for the consumer.

Click below and tell Congress to step in and protect consumers.

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