Before a single chip is dropped... How do we get there?

"He who lends money is greater than he who performs charity; and he who throws money into a common purse to form a partnership is greater than all." - Babylonian Talmud Shabbat 63a

Step 1: Learning in the Classroom

Learning in the classroom.

Students are introduced to the work of the organizations and explore together how that organization is creatively responding to a specific need or problem in the world.

Sixth graders learn about the training programs that Sandy Hook Promise brings to schools to help eradicate gun violence and create safe, inclusive communities.
Fourth and first grade reading buddies work together to design board games based on what they learned about the challenges faced by leatherback turtles and the work that The Leatherback Trust does to protect them.

Step 2: Learning from Representatives

Keziah Furth fields questions from eager students about the organization she helped to found, Klinik Jubilee.
Emily Schoenfeld of Innovation: Africa stops for a photo with fourth-grader Talia F., who, with her brother Jacob, nominated the organization to be honored during Tamchui.
Aliki Panagopoulou of The Leatherback Trust shares her organization's mission with some of the youngest members of our community.
Rachael O'Toole and Marykay Wishneski from Sandy Hook Promise attend a Lunch and Learn session with Rashi's Middle School Leadership group.

Step 3: Learning Which Actions We Can Take to Make a Difference

Second graders make and decorate personal first aid kits to send to Klinik Jubilee in Gonaïves, Haiti. The supplies for these kits were generously provided by their families.

Step 4: Understanding How Our Dollars Will Be Used

When each chip is worth $10, a week's worth of choices can go a long way! (Based on last year's Tamchui Fund, each chip was worth a little bit more than $10)
When we all chip in, we can make quite an impact!

Reflecting On Our Choices

When entering the Allocation area of the Sukkat Shalom each day, students are met with interactive murals that elicit their opinions, hopes, and dreams about their role in tikkun olam (repairing the world) with thought-provoking prompts. These murals provide an opportunity for students to share their depth of understanding about the work of each organization and what inspires them about it. Questions include: "One important thing that I have realized from Tamchui is..." "Turtles are one species that inhabit our beautiful planet earth! One way I protect the planet is..." "Klinik Jubilee believes that every person deserves..."Thank you, Innovation Africa, for..." "What could you design/invent to help improve the lives of others?"

Analyzing Our Impact

After donating their chips,

students will count them up to see how many each organization received each day.

Once they have the totals from the day,

They bring them to the Middle School.

Where the results are graphed during math class. They are then displayed in the Sukkat Shalom for the rest of the school to see.

So that students can consider this information when they allocate tomorrow.

"Deciding which organization to give to is definitely not easy. It means a lot to us that we can make the choice to give to which organization inspires us. No-one at Rashi is saying, “this is the one you should donate to.” There are a variety of organizations that all have important missions. So, when we make the decision to give, we're saying that something about that organization really impacted us." - Sam K. Grade 6

Please join us this Wednesday, March 20 at 2:10 PM for the final assembly. At that time, we will celebrate these outstanding organizations one more time, as well as all that we have learned. And, we will reveal the grand total of the Rashi Purim Tamchui Fund.

Help make our students' decisions have the biggest impact. We invite you to contribute to the Tamchui Fund!

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