Historical, Contemporary and Future Trends of Animation

Throughout this presentation animation, and the past, present and future trends of animation will be explained and discussed in detail. knowledge will be tested and expanded as we preview the changes of animation and how it has evolved from the beginning and will continue evolving with the help of modern technology created today.

What Is And How Does Animation Work?

Animation is considered as multiple still images in rapid movement creating an illusion for the eyes to follow. This is created using frames with an image on it, with many frames next to each other moving at speed giving this illusion. A human eye can see 24 frames per second (fps) without missing too much information or pictures of the animation or scene. Animation has evolved over time and this will be discussed further on in the presentation in greater detail.

Historical Trends

Throughout time animation has evolved into something amazing, however it had to start somewhere. The First animation was created in 1606 when found out they could move still images in succession to make them seem real. In the 1800's they created a devices called the zoetrope and the thaumatrope. these allowed anyone at home to watch or see a short animation over and over. These two inventions will be deconstructed and figured out further on.

The Zoetrope created in 1834by William George Horner is a device used to make an illusion to give entertainment and something to do to all different age groups. The Zoetrope which is an updated version of Michael Faraday’s Wheel, allowed these people to watch the animation without the use of a mirror and allowing more than one person to watch at a time. The animation that’s seen is whatever images was placed on the inside of the Zoetrope however repeating over and over. This sort of animation creating was a big thing back in the day because of the lack of animation devices at the time. Although the Zoetrope was a sort animation it allowed people of all ages to be inspired and give entertainment however more directed at the younger age group. The Zoetrope is made out of paper, wood and other materials giving it the look of an open drum with the picture drawn on the paper stuck to the inside with holes around the edge to look into. This animation device met the purpose it was created for with giving entertainment and new ideas to the people at that time. This device was forgotten for nearly 30 years until 1887, it may be old but it is interesting to watch for about 1 minute before it gets repetitive, however many animation after this could be created because of this design as for example an old cinema wheel that had images on a huge wheel and spun fast to make it look real.
The thaumatrope invented by John Aryton Paris in 1825 is a small animation device that was created to bee portable and small but still giving enjoyment and something to do. This was the first device made for the future of animation and consisted of a small round card with strings on either side allowing one to spin the card with pictures of both sides giving the illusion of one image. The thaumatrope allowed the younger generation to experience animation and was intended to inspire the children to grow up and invent a better device for animation. This device was made from string and cardboard with 2 images, the cardboard was cut into a circle and the two images put on either side with string going through the sides of the cardboard allowing someone to spin the string fast and therefore spinning the cardboard giving this illusion. This little animation device didn’t last that long however allowed other people inspiration to make other animation devices for example this technique was used in the Zoetrope with images moving fast giving the illusion of the person, animal or thing doing something like the thaumatrope. It is interesting to look at for the first to see where animation has started and see what we have progressed from however with what is made today the thaumatrope wouldn't be able to keep someone’s interest.

Present Trends

Historical animation is pretty amazing however these old devices have led our world into a new era of animation and what can be achieved now. Although we have such leading edge equipment and ways to form animations, there are two techniques used to make animations easier. Stop Motion and motion capturing , allowing one to expand the use of animation.

Motion capturing is a modernday software designed to make animating easy and effective. Motion Capturing software is allowing the viewer to see animated figures or objects to have the movements of a real person making it as realistic as it can for an animation. This type of animation creating is very important for an effective movie that wants this human features in the characters as well as giving ideas to other movie production lines to use this type of animation. this Motion Capturing is seen in most animation movies intended for any age group because of the wide range of possibilities that arise from motion capturing. This type of animation creating was invented to make animation creating easier as well as allow different aspects in animation. Motion Capturing was made on the computer and using camera to track a person’s movements with points around his body that then connects to points on the computer and using this to make the software. Motion capturing is created with a computer, motion capturing software, and a special suit that has points that allowing the computers to track the movements of the actor. This software allowed the movie producers to create better movies as intended so this animation software has been well used and respected. This will be used for years to come and advanced and updated to when it doesn't need points on the actor however still be motion capturing software. This has allowed even now for other animation techniques to use this as for example the Character Animator software from adobe following a person face from camera using the same techniques and technology as Motion Capturing. each day this is seen in movies and even tv shows so this is an important piece of animation history and is seen by everyone
Stop Motion unlike Motion capturing is many frames and pictures taken for 1 second instead of a whole video taken at once. Stop Motion is for example Lego pieces moved a tiny amount at a time and then pictures taken at each movement so when sped up looks like a moving animation. This type of animation has allowed ordinary people today to make short animations and giving them something to do, however it is also used by professionals for some movies and seen by all age groups depending on what they like. Stop Motion was invented to allow one to make an animation with a series of small movements without having to be good at computer generating. it is made by putting these images into a normal movie editing software and speed u the images making it look real. all you need to make this animation is something that you can move slightly like Lego and a camera to take pictures for the animation. This type of animation has allowed people to make and view animations in this nature as well as help advance animation. Stop Motion may not survive for long however it has been able to advance our animation technology so it will always be a major part of animation.

Future Trends

Even if all this animation discussed in present trends and even some ideas taken from historic trends sound so cool. the Future trends of animation are outstanding and only just reaching the edge of some stuff thought of today by a long way off from operating to make an animation. This sort of technology is used in other aspects like gaming however not used yet to make a animation or movie like it. the two types of future trends being discussed are Virtual Reality and Character Animator

Virtual Reality, this allowing one to see things and move around like they are involved in the game or movie. in virtual Reality one is seeing an image however if they move then the image moves it follows the persons view as well as doing what they do giving them the life time experience of what they are watching or playing. This sort of animation watching and experiencing are still expanding and far from the best it could be so o one knowing what it could turn out to be. Virtual reality is intended to give everyone a experience and inst directed to certain ages allowing ore people to see what the world is making for animation today. This was made to make animation and gaming even more advanced and make it more realistic then it has ever been before. Virtual reality is made with 3D imagery in a par of goggles, however with a mapping system letting the screen on the inside know which way the person is facing or moving giving it the realistic feeling like they are there. To create this they needed a pair o goggles connected to a screen of some sort that allowed the programmed images to move to the googles as well as hand held controllers that acted as hands to control the features. This complicated design however meets the purpose it was created for with giving realistic movements and actions like they are in the game or movie. this type of animation viewing is far from complete with it advancing everyday and us humans only touching the edges of what it could turn into o its still far ahead in the future before it is done. this allows people to see other ways of creating animation and advancing the technology used.
Character Animator, this type of animation software allows a person to create small animations using motion capturing however with using special suit s to follow. This is just like Motion Capturing however more advanced with less equipment needed to create these animations. This is still far from being finished with the camera only able to follow your face and on the computer screen however is still being advanced. This is a sort of software that requires someone a bit older to use however once a small animation is finished any age can watch it giving anything up to a sort funny animation to a safety briefing allow people to experience these things in fun ways. It was made as a way for people to experience motion capturing for themselves without having to send a lot of money on equipment. This animation software meets the purpose fir the audience with allowing them to make their own animations. This animation is still a long way to go before it is finished because they still only track the face when they need to track all the body not just the face. Character Animator is created after Motion capturing and can still be advanced into something more spectacular with a lot of work making it an amazing tool for animation creating.


Animation has allowed our world to evolve and not only create techniques used only for animation but also for everyday living and enjoyment. over the years from Historic to Future trends of animation we see how we have progressed and are still progressing today even if we are advanced for our time. This allowing us to look forward to the future even more. Animation has come a long way but has even further to go.

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