March Madness No. 7- 03.08.2021

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Dr. Broadhead

Just a Note...

March Mania ...

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” Jack London

As we approach the last quarter, it is important to me to quickly note that around this time last year you received a message from the school system that completely shifted everything that we thought before that email. And life, for all of us, has changed since then. Yet, we made the adjustments that we had to make and did our very best to do more than survive which is why I applaud you for making the necessary sacrifices beyond yourself. When I think of sacrifices, I am reminded of the women in my life who have in some way shape or form put aside themselves for my benefit. Each of them saw greater for me than I, at the time, could recognize for myself. My appreciation and gratitude for them is not just for the sacrifice alone but for the representation of love that has to exist to make a sacrifice with no intention of a return other than unwavering faith in my potential. Thank you Ida, Marguerite, Betty, Bettye, and Lisa.

Bus Drivers Needed

Please contact Sam Sweat, Director of Special Projects, 770-460-3535.

Picture - Yearbook Information

Picture Day Canceled for Spring

Dear Families,

You might be wondering what will be in a yearbook from this year like no other. It’s true, events were cancelled, classes were virtual, nothing felt normal. That’s exactly what will make this yearbook a true history book to be treasured. The yearbook staff has been working hard to capture the unique nature of this year so that 20 years from now, when your child looks back, it will all be documented. We are living history right now and this yearbook will be the most important one on your student’s shelf.

Go to www.yearbookordercenter.com to purchase your copy today. Quantities are limited, so get yours now!

Thanks for your support of the yearbook program! Please email Laura Holcomb with any questions: holcomb.laura@mail.fcboe.org

8th Grade Ads


8th Grade Tribute Ads in the yearbook are available and can include photos alongside a personal message to your student. There are a limited number of pages available in the 2021 BMMS yearbook, so make sure to order soon. The last day to order ads is Friday, March 26th. Click HERE to see what options are available. Please email Laura Holcomb with any questions: holcomb.laura@mail.fcboe.org

Parent Liaison Virtual Office

Check out my virtual office! It's a one stop shop to everything you need in order to stay connected! Click on the calendar to view the school calendar, and click the computer to be redirected to tech support. The whiteboard links take you directly to what you are looking for!

Moms with Muffins

Visit our Parent & Family Resource Site for more information about upcoming events, available resources, and engagement opportunities!

For more information on upcoming events, like us on Facebook @BMMSParent!

Delgado Whitelocke & Ashley McKey

We are excited to announce we are able to purchase a second touchless water cooler because of the generosity of one of our Bennett’s Mill Middle School families, Mr. Delgado Whitelocke & Ashley McKey

Delgado Whitelocke is a family man first and has always stressed the importance of education to his six children. He was born in St. Andrews, Jamaica and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. While in high school he enjoyed playing football and even went on to play football, as a wide receiver, at the college level. He attended college at Wartburg College and Savannah State University where he studied bio chemistry. After college he worked several jobs and decided he wanted to chase his own dream of becoming an entrepreneur. After much hard work and dedication he started his trucking business, Dream Chaser Trucking, LLC, in 2009. As his company name suggest, he is always willing to help young boys and girls chase their dreams.

PTO Information

Come here our Community Partner Speak: Kenisha was employed as a School Health Educator for 12 years and has other experience in Community Health. Kenisha has a B.S. in Health Education from Alabama State University and is currently working on obtaining a Masters in Public Health. Kenisha serves as the Health Education Programs Manager for AVPRIDE.

Our next meeting will be Monday, April 12th at 6pm in the Media Center. Come join in on the discussion in person with a mask or via Zoom.

Bronco PTO Social Media

Follow us on Social Media to keep up with the latest happenings and to engage with us. FB: BMMS PTO, Twitter: @PtoBmms IG: BroncoPTO.

Get Connected!

Get Connected!

Counselor's Corner

We can all agree that the past year has been a challenging one that has affected us in a variety of ways. During these times, students (and adults) need positive activities to help in calming the body and mind. Below you will find a virtual calming room that is full of tools to help in providing a "healthy escape using anxiety reduction and relaxation techniques to provide healthy outlets for stressful times." We hope that you will find it to be helpful!


Lessons that will be taught this month for each grade level can be found below.

6th Grade - Social Emotional Learning

7th Grade - Circle of Control - Learning to differentiate between worries we can and cannot control

8th Grade - Four-year plans for high school. Information regarding career pathways, required credits for high school graduation, and the high school registration process will be covered. Please see the link below for the 2020-2021 CTE Career Planner. We recommend reviewing this information with your student in order to assist in them making decisions regarding their requests for high school courses.

Please click this Counselor Contact Information LINK for additional information, our contact information, and helpful resources. You can also see additional resources on the county website (County Additional Resources HERE) that specifically address COVID as well as crisis situations.

Aimee Gumerson

Report Cards

Report Cards - March 25

The end of the 3rd nine weeks is Friday, 3/19. Students will receive new schedules on Monday, 3/22. Any parent requesting a schedule change must complete a change request form available in the front office which outlines the reasons why a change is requested. Please understand that all student schedules are developed to meet the individual needs of our students with careful attention to class-size, course availability, staff availability, and numerous other factors. As a result, schedule changes are limited to the following circumstances: Safety/health concerns as evidenced by a physician’s not, Safety/health concerns as evidenced by a physician’s not, Class size balancing as determined by school administration, Duplicate courses when a student has already taken the same course with the same instructor during the current school year.

Any other requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that NO schedule changes will take place after the end of the third day of the quarter, and schedule change requests must be submitted no later than Thursday, 3/18. Please remember that schedules reflect student needs as well as exploratory opportunities which may not always correlate to a student’s current interests. Consequently, all changes requested are not guaranteed to change.

Mile Stones Testing

Milestones testing is coming soon. Brick and mortar families, please avoid check-ins and absences on the following dates: 6th and 7th grades: 5/3, 5/4, 5/5, 5/10, 5/11; 8th grade: 4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30, 5/6, 5/7; 8th grade Accelerated Math students only: April 19 & 20; 8th grade HS Physical Science students only: May 7.

Virtual learning families will receive additional information via email. If you do not receive emails about Milestones testing and have questions, please email Aimee Gumerson directly.

Infinite Campus Attendance Errors

Attendance in Infinite Campus reflected errors earlier this semester due to the change to hybrid model for in-person learning. Attendance errors occurred for students who were both virtual and brick/mortar. School staff has worked with district staff to correct these errors, but if you still see errors on your student's attendance in Infinite Campus, please email Aimee Gumerson directly.

Rica Smith

Upcoming Breaks

Learning Days in March

Parents please note that students will be home Thursday and Friday of this week due to Covid Vaccinations for teachers and for previously scheduled Professional Learning. Students should check Schoology pages for content these days. This includes Virtual Students as well.


Track and Field Announcement

Track practice begins Monday, March 8th. Please dress accordingly for the weather. Also, check REMIND for updates on TRACK.

Social Distancing-Face Masks-Attendance

In an effort to keep crowds to a minimum and maintain social distancing it is recommended that only parents/adult family members of the athletes participating attend sporting events. Students will only be allowed to attend games under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian at all times during the event.

Masks/face coverings will be required for all indoor FCBOE athletic events. Mask/face coverings will be strongly recommended for outdoor FCBOE athletic events. Thank you for your cooperation in the interest of safety.

Above & Beyond Staff Recognition.

e3 Excellence Awards

Parents, BMMS administration would like to give you an opportunity to recognize faculty and staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty. If you’d like to recognize a member of or staff send an email to smith.rica@mail.fcboe.org with the name and a few sentences explaining how they may have helped you or your student.

School Nurse Note
Media Center Information - Click Below


Reminders: Students need to keep chromebook in case. Report lost/stolen at bit.ly/sledteam.

Parents, don't forget that insurance for the chromebooks is available for purchase. Don't for get to view the BMMS Website - Technology for helpful information.

Technology Parent Support

Request a meeting. Schedule a time here.


Don't forget to visit the BMMS Website - Parent Resources - Technology

More Technology Support - District

Thank you for your time and attention.


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