Jurassic Park movie vs. book

Many things were different between the movie and the book
In the book there were more complicated scenes and very complex mathematic sequences, that helped the main protaganist through the horrific park.
The book had pictures of the huge computers the secretive company used to split the genes and create the dinosaurs.
So the book had a a lot more things to it besides just dinosaurs escaping and killing people.
The movie was very full of action and some gore
The movie was very straight to the point
The movie and book have many differences
The first difference I noticed was how less complex the movie was.
The book had complex scenes in which they talked about the super computers.
The movie didn't have those scenes, they just talked about how they grew the dinosaurs from the mosquito in the amber.
In my opinion I think you should read the book instead of watching the movie the book clears up a lot of questions about the movie.
Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg. Jeff Goldblum. Universal Studios, 1993. Film


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