Headteacher School Update. 8th May 2020



Welcome to the weekly update. As each week passes new information may become available, however, relevant information from previous updates will remain.

As we move into this new phase we are still aware that there are many challenges facing our families at this time. Our current priority is to get all pupils rolled into their new year groups and courses and from that point we will continue to work with families to change, adapt and support where necessary. As we now begin to look forward to the session ahead we are taking into consideration the many constraints facing us and how we may overcome these. There are still many unknowns from restrictions to examination arrangements next year, however, we are determined to ensure our young people are served well and supported during this time.

Please stay safe and take care.

Kind regards: Mr Black (Headteacher)

Receiving Updates

Who to contact

We have set up the following links whilst we continue to work from home to try and ensure we deal with any requests.

S1: Mrs McMaihin (DHT) - clhmcmaihin@glow.sch.uk

S2: Mr Black (HT) - cltblack@glow.sch.uk

S3: Mr Murray (DHT) - clemurray@glow.sch.uk

S4/5/6: Mr Clancy (DHT) or Mr Arnold (DHT) - clgclancy@glow.sch.uk /. clparnold@glow.sch.uk

Lornshill Academy School App

Please take time to download our school app where we will post messages and updates.

Please ensure we have a current mobile telephone number so you can be informed about school updates by text.

Please ensure we have a current email address so you can be informed about school updates.


During our recent Inset Day all teaching staff completed the SQA Academy learning to support our work in estimating grades for our current S4, 5 and 6. This work is now well underway and we are well on track to complete and deliver on our SQA for all young people.



The vast majority of pupils are now accessing their learning online and engaging well. However, as time goes on it is important that all pupils are progressing and I would ask any parent or carer to contact the year group link if there are any issues around access or any other factors preventing engagement with learning.

Pupils are now moving into their new year groups and courses for session 2020 - 2021. To date we have moved S2 to S5 into their new courses and these classes are now being established and progressed. The final year group to roll forward is our current S1 and we will complete this in the next couple of weeks.

Trials are taking place with different formats and a new online timetable for the senior phase was shared this week. This highlighted dedicated times in the week for all subjects where senior pupils can directly access their teachers through the stream chat in google classroom. Learning materials are sent out as usual, but these times will enable pupils to get a quick response to any questions around learning they may have.

To date we have had a great response from our senior school and we are now able to progress learning and courses for next year. If there are any difficulties please get in touch with your year head link or pupil support teacher.

We know that circumstances may prove difficult at times, please let us know, so we can be aware, and or support if possible. We need to get the balance of keeping our young people busy and engaged, but also understand the unique set of circumstances we find ourselves in and that school work may, at times, need to take a back seat. However, if we continue to work together we can support learning, structure days better and be ready to hit the ground running when we return.

We are delighted to be able to continue working with @ypi_scotland to help support local groups. Anyone who knows of local charities providing support within our local community and who would benefit from an extra £4000 to help others, then please let us know! #unitedineffort

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Good to know

other information

Digital Clacks


Clacks Council Education Services



Although there will be no prizegiving ceremony this year, we are in the process of completing our usual process of identifying our prize winners. Once complete these will be shared with our school community. Mr Arnold will be in touch soon with parents and carers concerning some of our special awards.

Our new Pupil Pathways Newsletter

At Lornshill Academy we are always encouraging and working with pupils to support them to find the appropriate pathway for them both in school and beyond. The Pupil Pathways team are very aware that there are a number of young people pursuing college and university places, apprenticeships, work experience etc that would normally be supported in school.

We have put together a Pathways Newsletter that we will e-mail directly to S4-6 pupils every Monday with the most up to date information we have regarding opportunities and agencies that we work with. This will also be available to parents and carers via our school app and website. We hope you will find this useful to keep you as up to date as possible. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact a member of the Pathways Team or your relevant year head.

May Holiday and Inset Day Provision (1st & 8th May 2020)

The Clackmannanshire Hub Provision during the May day holiday and Inset day will be provided in Alloa Academy. This will enable key workers to continue to go to work. The Lornshill Academy and Alva Academy Hubs will be closed during these days.

S1-3 Learning Grids for week beginning 27th April 2020

This learning Grid is for the new S3 and their new Subjects (Previous S2)

Senior Phase Learning

Note: S3 will now be S4 from Monday 4th May and should follow the senior phase guidance.

All new S4,5 and 6 classes will be notified through their google classrooms of the work to be completed.

For May we are trialling an online timetable for the senior phase to identify when pupils can message staff through the stream chat and staff will be available to respond. This does not replace the current way of working, but we hope it will add to the pupil - staff communication strategy.

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