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A quick look:

  1. New Cone Pendant: L698
  2. New Recessed Downlights: L421, L422
  3. New Bollards: L905, L904
  4. Multiple-head Spotlights: L730D, L730T
  5. In-grade Octagonal Back boxes: new design

Cone Pendant: L698

Ideal for hospitality to create focal point lighting effect to the bar areas or dining tables without intruding the atmosphere or other design elements. Mounting options include canopy and as part of track systems.

Available in Matte Anodized and Black Anodized aluminum finishes. 4W and 8W power options. Fist-sized cone (2 3/4" diameter, 3 3/4" height) with up to 8' stem.

L698 Specifications

Cone Pendant L698 and Wine Rack System L182

Recessed Downlights: L421, L422

Come at 13W, these two luminaires provide the option of full-spectrum LEDs that render the light output close to natural sunlight (CRI 97+).

L421 (left) and L422 (right)

L421 without the glass cover is designed for ambient lighting in dry interior areas and its wet-location counterpart L422 is designed with the cover to be used where the luminaire surfaces are subject to water splash and steam.

L421 Specifications | L422 Specifications

L421 on faux ceiling
L422 in shower room

New Bollards: L904, L905

L904 (left) and L905 (right)

L904 is introduced to complete the wooden family with Western red cedar body and Matte Anodized Aluminum post top. This material is well known as one of Canada’s most beautiful and durable wood species, which gives L904 the stability, durability and fine appearance. Ideal for embracing the nature look of the scene.

L904 Specifications

L904 wood bollards on the pathway and L730 highlighting the plant

With a thinner head design yet higher wattage and delivered lumens, L905 is a good option for projects that are looking for a line of luminaires that blend delightfully into the all-concrete look of the place.

L905 Specifications

L905 aluminum bollards

Multiple-head spotlight: L730D, 730T

Developing from L730, the multiple-head spotlights are perfect for creating highlighting effects in different nearby areas with minimum of luminaires needed. Swivel range of 180 degree and rotation range of 360 degree, this product line offers a remarkable versatility solution to the lighting design projects.

L730D (Double heads, left) and L730T (Triple heads, right)

Available in Matte Anodized, Black Anodized & Bronze Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel 316. 1W or 2.5W per head. Color temperature from 2200K - 3500K.

L730, L730D and L730T Specifications

L730T Stainless Steel

In-grade Back boxes: New design

The new back box design adds 3 legs with holes for rebars allowing easier leveling during installation at the job sites.

Brass box option is also available for in-grade installation in corrosion-prone environments such as swimming pools and coastal areas.

New back box design: Aluminum (left) and Brass (right) material. Leg screws are only included in orders of boxes together with mounting kits MK2 and MK3.


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