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I just completed my ninth year of coaching girls’ softball. For the previous eight years I coached just one team. However, for some crazy reason, I let the league talk me into coaching both of my youngest daughters’ teams my youngest daughters’ teams this year, Talia, 12, and Marissa, 14.

When I broke the news to my wife she asked me, "Are you nuts?!" Well, I must have been at the time. Even so, I have no regrets.

It was a rewarding season for both teams. As I write this, one team is still in the playoffs playing for first place and my other daughter made the all-star team that I will be coaching. I started coaching softball with my oldest daughter, Shaina. She stopped playing several years ago and is now a junior in high school. I am just as proud of her as I am of her sisters. She just spent the last four months of her junior year studying abroad in Israel. What a life changing experience!

When the weather is hot, wood becomes more malleable. Have you ever had trouble with softer woods like MDF during the summer ? The Quickscrews Funnel Head screw is a great solution.

As you probably know, we recently celebrated Quickscrews’ 30th Anniversary with a retreat weekend. This marks my 29th year working at Quickscrews! This year would not be possible without the support of the company’s ownership, management, and teamwork of everyone in the office.

Stu Zins coaching a customer at AWFS 2007 in Las Vegas
I am looking forward to at least another 20 years with Quickscrews.
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