UNITED WAY OF THE BLACK HILLS We fight for the HEALTH of every person in the Black Hills

We fight for the HEALTH of every person in the Black Hills

In 2019-2020, we invested in 22 services and programs that impacted 67,099 lives in the Black Hills. This include

Much of what influences health happens outside the doctor's office. If we want children to do well in school they need to be well fed and rested instead of worrying where their bed will be that night. If we want adults to have stable jobs they need access to healthcare and counseling support.

Answering the call with 2-1-1

According to our 2019 Community Needs Assessment, Mental Health was the #1 identified need in the Black Hills. The study revealed a lack of access and affordability of mental health services in all areas.

For many, the first step to call for help. 17,152 People called the 2-1-1 Helpline to access necessary resources and services. Through funding efforts like 2-1-1 Helpline Center, those in need of assistance are connected with a live representative to discuss options and available resources.

"A caller reached out to the 211 Helpline Center and shared that he’s been struggling with anxiety for the past year and is ready to get help and didn’t know where to start. During our call we listened to the caller, supported him, and connected him with a variety of resources in the Black Hills Behavioral Health Guide." - 2-1-1 Helpline Center

Access and Affordability of Food

In 2019 - 2020, 6,163 people received nutritious food and meals through UWBH funding.

Through United Way of the Black Hills, we are able to give families accessible and affordable food through programs such as Feeding SD, Meals on Wheels, and the Spearfish Nutrition Site.

“Our school often is overlooked by many government programs, although we have MANY students whose families are in need of resources. It doesn’t always show in the ways that are measured. We appreciate the (Feeding SD) Backpack Program and what it provides for our families. We can’t always show a need in the ways that are measurable according to the tools our education system currently uses!” - Anonymous teacher in Meade County.

Affordable health services

1,088 People received affordable access to health care services

Community Health Center of the Black Hills

Shelter from Domestic Violence

According to our 2019 Community Needs Assessment, lack of availability of temporary shelter and resources for those escaping violence was the #7 top identified need in the Black Hills. Addressing domestic violence could also help address the mental health, substance abuse, and child abuse arenas.

In 2019 - 2020, 4,834 people received shelter and emergency assistance including those suffering from domestic abuse

Through funding efforts such as WAVI, Victims of Violence (Artemis House), Crisis Intervention Shelter Service and WEAVE, we are able to help expand these services and offer resources to help the family once they get back on their feet.



At United Way of the Black Hills, we know our donors trust us to utilize their donations efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves in our efforts to remain transparent. We are pleased to report that we have been awarded the highest possible rating by Charity Navigator for the 2019 and 2020 year. Charity Navigator evaluates charities on their financial health, accountability and transparency. Click more to learn about our rating.

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