Giant Pandas By Nam Neung

Giant pandas are one of the most important animals because they are endangered.And they help the environment stay clean healthy.And help make the world a better place to live.

Panda playing

Giant Pandas are a very fuzzy animals that are very cute and peaceful animal. Giant pandas love to climb trees and play with each other.and they also so love to take naps and play chase with its friends and its family.

Giant Pandas are special because they eat Bamboo and love to climb trees and eat fruits.and baby Giant Pandas love to play tag or chase and play around with Bamboo sticks.

People are hunting giant Pandas for their fur and skin to sell but sometime they hunt giant pandas for fun. but they hunt the fur the most. because

It is very soft. and it can be used for a lot of materials for example pillows,mats,and even for clothing.

We save the Giant panda by cutting down less bamboo forests and stop hunting them for there fur and for fun.A lot of people are trying to save the Giant Panda home and save them from extinction.And are trying to hunt less Pandas.

The solution of the problem of the Giant Panda is that it is illegal to hunt Giant Pandas in China and it is illegal to sell Giant Panda Fur in China. and other areas of the world that Chinese people brought from China.But some people still do but zookeepers have Breeding centers so they can help the environment make more Giant Pandas

Red Pandas look more like Raccoons than a Giant Panda

Red Pandas eat Bamboo like the Giant Panda and they both live in the same places.But the Red Pandas is smaller than the Giant Pandas and they have the same enemies. Such as a jackal,a leopard,and Jaguar.


Giant Panda-A type spotted animal

Endangered-An animal that's almost extinct

Environment-the area around it

Fuzzy-An animal that has a lot of fur

Peaceful-A quiet area where there’s no violence

Bamboo-A type of plant that Red Pandas and Giant Pandas love to eat

Materials-A thing that you can build or do something with it

Extinction-A thing or a animal that there is no more in the earth

Illegal-a thing or something or someone that is not allowed

Red Panda-A relative to a Giant Panda

Jackal-A animal

Leopard-A animal

Jaguar-A animal

and remember to love Pandas! :P


Created with images by playlight55 - "Giant-panda" • Kristie's NaturesPortraits - "Giant panda closeup" • Bernt Rostad - "Giant Panda cubs" • Brett Jordan - "Pandas!" • dbking - "Tai Shan, National Zoo's Panda Cub at 1 year old" • donjd2 - "Giant Panda Splashing at San Diego Zoo" • Mulligan Stu - "Chengdu Panda Base - Giant Panda" • Chi King - "Pandas!! (GIANT PANDA/WOLONG/SICHUAN/CHINA)" • Mulligan Stu - "Chengdu Panda Base - Red Panda" • gill_penney - "Giant Pandas 178"

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