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Bourbon County welcomes you!

When did Bourbon County become itself?

  • Bourbon County was organized on April 14, 1874.

Where did the name come from?

  • The name, Bourbon County, came from a city in Kentucky named, Bourbon County.

Who decided the name?

  • Two men proposed this idea, Samuel A. Williams and William Barbee. They both came to Kansas from Kentucky.

The current county clerk is, Kendall Mason.

Bill Martin is the County's Ciunty Sheriff.

Bill Martin, Bourbon County's county sheriff.

Cities and Townships:

  • Fort Scott- 8,087
  • Marion township- 1,109
  • Freedom township- 590
  • Scott township- 2,327


  • Hiero T. Wilson- Post subtler at Fort Scott
  • Eugene F. Ware- Civil War veteran, legislator, lawyer, and poet. Eugene is native to Bourbon County, but settled in Fort Scott in 1867.
  • Albert Bigelow Paine- A painter and poet, plus secretary to Mark Twain.
Eugene Ware gravestone

Common Jobs:

24% of this county's jobs are in sales, office, or administrative support.

Major events:

  • The first county fair was held on October 24-25 in Marmation.
  • The first school district, No. 10, was founded December 10, 1859.


  • First church was Episcopal Church in Fort Scott.
  • Lowell Milken Center in Fort Scott- A nonprofit educational leaders that show the stories of unsung heros.
  • Eugene Ware Cemetary founded in 1842.
  • Long Shoals Bridge constructed in 1990.
  • Fort Scott National Historic Site.
Long Shoals Bridge
Lowell Milken Center

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