Orochi The Spring Duel

I stood in front of my opponent on a narrow bridge that runs across a beautiful straight river, curved by the women from a village; pink, yellow and purple flowers all flowing down the river. The women from the village put homemade traditional lanterns on the white dogwood trees that surrounded the bridge, a battle for the scrolls.

The crowd was yelling Orochi, my name, from far in the distance. I heard my opponent charge at me from the other side of the bridge, I follow up with a deep breath and a silent sigh of disbelief in myself.

In those few moments I closed my eyes and I could smell the sweet flowers from the river and the tangy white dogwood trees. The moment was slow and my fearsome opponent Shugoki was putting off mass amount of energy, making it obvious that he would strike at any moment.

I ran my finger down the blade of my katana, drawing blood so that I could sense the curve of the blade by instinct. I then wrapped one hand on the holster and the other on the handle of the blade, carefully opening my eyes, charging forth towards Shugoki.

I quickly ran by Shugoki drawing my blade through his muscled neck, beheading the mighty foe. I could taste the sour tang in my mouth of the fear releasing into the cool air. Once again, the crowd yells Orochi.


For Honor

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