journey's hero's by samantha Olvera 5th

Ordinary world:
Inuyasha was in love with kykio but her enemy made her believe that inuyasha had betrayed her and kykio seal to inuyasha with an arrow that would sleep him forever and kykio died due to that arrow as she spent all her enrgy on it .
Crosses the threshold:
Inuyasha and kagome go in search of finding a very valuable pearl that gives powers to others monsters as kagome broke it in 100 pieces and expanded throughout the region that's their mission.
Meaning the mentor:
Inuyasha is in love with kagome and he needs her to go ahead.
the reward that they get is all the of the jewel and they make it whole and they finally find out that they like each other.
Supreme ordeal
Inuyasha was a shy boy but over the time he gets new friends and he don' want to loss them.
Test, Allies, Enemies
Inuyasha has an enemy that his name is Naraku who is searchin for the pearl too and he has the major part of the pearl and naraku every chance that he has he try to kill inuyasha.
Call to the adventure
Inuyasha meet kagome a girl who comes from the future but she is the reincarnation of kykio and she looks exactly the same as kykio and inuyasha doesn't like kagome but over the time inuyasha is falling in love with kagome.
The Road Back:
when the battle between inuyasha and naraku ends everything returns to began as before a place full of peace.
the hero went to another world because a demon had taken to kagome with him. So inuyasha went to get her back but he didn't know how to return to his current world so he put in practice all he know and he return to his world with kagome.
Return with Elixir
inuyasha destroyed the pearl and killed naraku and becomes a world with peace.


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