COVID-19 Reinvention Alexzandria caldwell shares her experience with covid and how remodeling her bedroom became an outlet.

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“In the beginning of social distancing I had a huge amount of hope that they’d sort COVID out and we’d be back in school by now but it obviously didn’t go as I planned what so ever. I expected to be able to go out with friends but I think after a while I realized we’re going to be stuck in the house for longer than a simple moment,” said Junior Alexzandria Caldwell. Caldwell was a sophomore when the stay at home order got put into place. She never expected she’d be learning from within the walls of her own home.

Since March 2020 California has been following a Stay at Home Order after COVID-19 cases have been growing significantly. This stay at home order has placed a number of Californians in their homes for work and school. According to CNBC writer, Diana Olick, Houzz the online home remodeling platform has reported a 58% increase in home remodeling projects. Like most, Caldwell has decided to spend her days focusing on art pieces and enhance the walls that she is surrounded by daily.

Photos Courtesy of Alexzandria Caldwell

“Two months into quarantine I had gotten bored of my white walls and seeing basically the same thing everyday. I decided to paint my closet pink because I wanted to move my vanity in there and have a whole wall dedicated to pictures. At the end of 2020 in October I had decided to paint my ceiling fan a cow print that I had seen someone else do on social media. I thought it looked really cool,” said Caldwell.

Although we are ordered to stay at home it doesn’t take away that others are struggling with their mental health because of it. Caldwell herself has dealt with trying to cope with what life is for right now.

“I just got tired of repetition and it didn’t take me that long to realise that I appreciate social interaction amongst my peers. I think after about a month and half I realised how quick I can sometimes be in my thoughts and I allow myself to get sad. Mainly because I don’t have a sense of what my everyday use to feel like and I’m learning to appreciate it now that it’s gone. Even though I felt myself getting sad, I knew I didn’t want to feel like that so I decided to pick up a hobby and that’s when I really go involved with painting and interior designing within my own bedroom,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell finds painting, reordering, and decorating her room to be like an outlet during times like these. She also feels like it’s allowed to get to know herself and express herself within her bedroom.

“I think I found a lot of peace within creating a space for myself that I like regardless of anyone's opinion. Considering we were going to be here for a while I thought I’d make it more into something I liked and felt happy with. I’m a very creative person so doing it did not feel like an actual task but more so like a hobby as I said before.” said Caldwell.

Calwell has had a fun time getting to alter and change her room and believes that finding or doing something you love right now would definitely help bring a feeling of normality back.

“If I could advise anyone struggling with being inside or feeling trapped, I’d tell them to find something that makes them happy but is also safe for everyone. Just a simple hobby that brings you some form of joy will allow you to feel a lot better,” said Caldwell.


Alexzandria Caldwell