Journal for 2-9-17. I point towards being more rational because I agreed with two of the rationalist ideas being #'s 6 and 7 and one empiricist idea #5 I also agreed for #9 but there was no conflict in what I agreed or disagreed with. Everything went as it should.

2-13 reflection

2-14-17 journal we fall in love because we gain natural attractions and we get attached to people who can complete us or fill another vote

2-22-17 Hume means that custom makes us different and able to tell that we can actually believe in something even if we don't know wether or not it's there.

2-27-17 his work could be considered a waste because we could have had faith in something and trusted it without knowing about it for certain without him telling us so.

2-28-17 after the epistemology unit, I believe that knowledge is something we can completely know is certain, something we can trust, and us knowing the outcome of something could make it knowledge. Things that are extremely certain that we can richly rely on. That is a true definition to me.

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