All AboutPrintmaking Reggie morris

"Red Fuji" as many call it is part of a 36 print album
Sazai hall
Tea house at Koishikawa.
Ejiri in Suruga Province

Those 4 pictures are all part of the 36 Views of Mount Fuji

Andy Warhol
Francisco Goya
Gloria Sturart
William Blake
Pablo Picasso


brayer: small roller



collagraph: a print made from an image with glue

drypoint: A different form of engraving.



engraving: made by drawing a design into a metal plate using a handheld sharp cutting device.

etching: a metal plate is covered in acid-resistant ground, usually a type of varnish, through which the image is drawn with a pointed tool, showing the metal below. The plate is then put in a bath of acid that takes away the metal where it was exposed by the areas that were drawn and are no longer protected by the ground.


gouge: tool for cutting


intaglio: lines areprinted on paper are incised first by handheld tools or acids onto the surface of a flat metal plate, most often, copper


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