making the military tougher

America today is at a small battle with isis (islamic state in iraq and syria) and is an effective state and must be defeated as a state, before its other risks such as civil war, terrorism, insurgency, and genocide and trump for over a year claimed he had a secert plan to take out isis

One he said he did not wish to share with american's enemies in order to stay unpredictable earlier this month he announced he would give the military's top generals 30 days to submit the plan for soundly defeating isis once in the white house then in nbc's commander and chief forum he claimed that he both did and did not have a plan one that could ultimatelu change once he gets into office

from trumps word he said its a very very tough plan that will allow the u.s to "knock the hell" out of isis and hillary clinton says "he keeps saying he has a secret plan well the secret is he has no plan"

every u.s military official says degrading and defeating the islamic state of iraq and syria isnt a job that can be done by thee pentagon alone the u,s department of defense says a u.s marine was killed saturday by enemy fire in northern iraq after according to reports , the united military has began staying a "couple hundred" marines from the 26th marine expeditionary unit in the area


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