It's Me Again! Kitchen Facelift ~ what to expect before & after.

Why A facelift?

Welcome to my kitchen facelift journey. A fresh clean new stark white cabinet paint for its fifteenth birthday. I've been eager for this facelift for sometime, but kept holding off thinking it would be to dramatic. Moreover, the kitchen was completely designed by me. Sentimental! It is still cozy, warm, and an efficient kitchen for cooking. Besides that is what it was designed as a working kitchen. Having said that, even though I used the same cabinet style the energy and line of site seemed disrupted as you transitioned from the living area to the kitchen. It lacked energy ~ some type of energy block ~ between the rooms. Now it flows!

What Stay's

We found an ancient Chinese tile for the backsplash that dates back thousands of years. It has a fossilized centipede embedded in one tile. We chose this tile from the Design Center (Kennedys) when it was open to the public. Sentimental value. The Ubatuba granite countertops have withstood constant cooking continuing to look beautiful today. The cabinet pulls need cleaning but certainly in good condition. Deep single kitchen sink (must have) and newly replaced gooseneck faucet and porcelain floor, will remain. Appliances have been replaced all with stainless steel design, brushed to make cleanup easier. Good design is well worth the effort!

What Go's

Only the color of the cabinets will change from a honey maple color to a "stark white" transitioning from the living room into the kitchen seamlessly.

George's Kitchen Before
George's Kitchen before April 2017 by

Prep work

Tip one, clean out all the cabinets and wash them down. Remove all buildup on cabinet surface and doors. If the painting company does not offer "deep cleaning" service this guide will assist your cabinets in prepping for the painters.
Tip two, if you have the space, store all food-dry goods in a pantry, not the kitchen cabinets. This will preserve the cabinet quality. Remove all old cabinet liners and reline after project completion. In my previous kitchens, I learned this the hard way as food spills in the cabinets and damages the cabinet surface. A separate large pantry solves this problem.
Have a separate space ready, preferably outside to the kitchen to minimize the sawdust from the sanding of the cabinets. If you do it inside use plastic to keep the dust confined to one area. Vacuum up as much dust between work days.
Move all dishes, pots, pans, and food out of the cabinets. Store in a place for easy access during facelift. Plan on a good three days of kitchen downtime.
Create a path where the workers can go back and forth between inside/outside areas. Using drop cloths, rugs, and plastic runners to avoid damaging your flooring if workers need to enter/exit areas in your home not under construction.

day one Facelift

End of Day One ~ cleanup
At first, I thought the contrasting colors inside the cabinet would clash with the stark white exterior, but nothing could be further from the case. It looks great! Now I see what needs to be done. It is time to do some "deep cleaning" inside the cabinets, countertops, appliances, and floor.


Leave doors and drawers open during drying phase ~ 12 hours. Clean off all errant paint while still wet. The painter will remove excess paint from cabinets using a blade the following day. This is a good time to deep clean the countertops, inside the cabinets, and do little touch ups here and there. If the company you use has a "deep cleaning" crew service it is well worth the investment. Start with everything fresh and new!

Cleanup End of Day One
Next, if your plan is to keep your hardware ~ soak, scrub, and polish it before application. This service may not be provided by the painting company. George did it to ensure it was done properly.
Clean and Polish Hardware

day two facelift

After Kitchen Facelift ~ may need to paint soffit next time.
Two days after, I ran out of liner.
Slowly getting my space back!

Wipe down inside, outside of cabinets and doors to remove excess dust. Measure the width and length of the shelves lining all shelves with new liners. Use a plastic liner anywhere water may sit on the shelf, to avoid damage. Before deep cleaning the floor, return plates, pots, and pans to their places, respectively.

Found some prettier plates that perk up the glass cabinet.

day three facelift

For those of us with tile floors a deep cleaning may need to be done by using a bleach pen on the grout. Simply squeeze the pen with a small amount of cleanser over the grout areas. Allow to sit and whiten the tile. Using a slightly damp grout scrub, brush vigorously over the grout removing dust, dirt, and discolored grout. Then simply wash the floor your usual method. No extra cleansers are needed when deep cleaning on the tile floor is done.

Scrub the grout to bring back your porcelain tile luster.
Kitchen Facelift 2017
Choose a reputable company and skilled painter. Rojelio at Five-Star Painting comes highly recommended ~ perfection, cleanup, and meticulously skilled painter. He continues until the job is done perfectly.
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