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Welcome to SUMMER 2021

The CAE is here to support you!

Just reach out to us for any assistance you may need.


Coming this May & June...Course Design INstitutes

Social Justice CDI: Monday, May 24 & Wednesday, May 26, with independent work on Tuesday, May 25

Interdisciplinary Learning CDI: Monday, June 7 & Wednesday, June 9, with independent work on Tuesday, June 8

General CAE CDI (including new material on anti-racist pedagogy): Tuesday, June 8 & Wednesday, June 10, with independent work on Wednesday, June 9

  • Online CDI: Begins on Thursday, May 20, and runs for four consecutive weeks (completely asynchronous - no live meetings)

Our colleagues in Core Writing will also be repeating their highly successful WAC/WID Week for faculty interested in adapting their courses to the WAC Signature Element of the Magis Core. Contact Core Writing Director Kim Gunter at kgunter@fairfield.edu for more information.


CAE Lessons learned project

Beginning late in the Fall 2020 semester, the CAE began asking for your participation in what we called the CAE Lessons Learned Project - an effort to gather and share faculty impressions from teaching during the a time of COVID. Our aim was to engage faculty in a process of reflecting on the lessons this challenging teaching semester held for them, partly because we wish to celebrate those lessons learned, and partly to engage faculty in the processing of this semester prior to moving into the next.

To this end we invited you to share your insights about the fall semester in a brief 5 - 7 minute video, the shape of which will be unique to you, your teaching approach, and your experience. In addition, if there is someone whose teaching especially inspired you this semester, we invited you to pass their name on to us.

The quality of the videos we received was amazing, and you can view them all on our Lessons Learned Video Project page.

Now that we've made it through another semester of teaching during COVID, we're encouraging you to continue to submit videos that demonstrate the creativity and resourcefulness that we know has been sparked all year. Just visit our Lessons Learned Nomination Form to share with us your own work or that of a colleague so we can continue to highlight these inspiring videos.

Some suggestions that you might consider sharing:

  • You could share a particularly effective (or challenging) lesson or classroom situation that you feel caused you to adjust your teaching.
  • You could showcase a few final assessments that seemed to illustrate the ways in which your teaching impacted yourself or your students
  • You could reflect on what you expected the semester to be and what it was
  • You could narrate the modifications you made to a lesson or assignment
  • You could talk about the surprising ways you were able to build community online and/or across modalities

These are just a few suggestions, and we can provide further assistance should you wish to participate. We are asking you because we believe that this pandemic has seen our faculty demonstrate a deep commitment to teaching, and we want others to benefit from your singular experience. In addition, we also know that reflecting on our teaching, both individually and together, will strengthen our community of practice and help to sustain it going forward. We hope many of you will nominate both yourselves and others.

Continuing Consults for all Pedagogical Concerns

As we did last spring and summer, the Center continues to offer individual consults not just in course or assignment design, but to trouble-shoot and problem-solve emerging teaching challenges. Call on us for your technical and pedagogical needs —be they emergent, ongoing, or lingering—at cae@fairfield.edu. Briefly describe your situation, and we will ensure the consultant best suited to your specific needs returns your email. To do so, we continue to collaborate with and resource your needs from both the Center and in consultation with Academic Computing.