How To Make A Teapot BY: Xiaoling Pan

1 ) Roll the clay into a long and wide piece. ( Stop until the height matches the ruler ). The clay should be in the plastic stage for a better and easier way to roll.

2 ) Find a right bowl size model you want to use so you can combine the two to make your body.

3 ) Then you have two bowls after the second step.

4 ) Trim the edges and even out any spots that are not perfect.

5 ) Then we combine the two bowls with the method of slip and scour. ( The bowls should be in their early leather hard stage and that's why we slip the edges so we can join the bowls together )

* This is a better view of our body

6 ) Now we use the sponge to smooth the outside.

7 ) Then we cut out the top ( Round ) so we can easily sponge the inside and make a lid.

8 ) Use the sponge to smooth out the edges.

9 ) Use the cutout piece and add a bigger circle on top of it to create a lid for our teapot. ( WAIT until the two clay figures have the same dryness then attach )

10 ) As always, use a sponge to smooth out any bumps.

11 ) Since the lid is now created, we can add any decorations on it.

* another picture for better understanding

12 ) Then on the side, we cut out a small circle so we can put on the spout.

* Another picture for better understanding

13 ) To make a spout, we roll out a piece of clay like we did for our bowls . Then we cut out a cone shape and fold it to create this long tube.

14 ) You then compare it to the size of the hole you cut out and try to match it ( It has to be bigger than the hole ). Then you cut the length to match your taste.

15 ) Then you wait until your spout and the body have the same dryness. Then you use slip and scour to combine them.

16 ) After the spout, you roll out a long piece of clay and put it into any shape you want.

I did mine in square-ish

Last step ) You wait until your handle has the same dryness as your body then you use the slip and scour method and attach the handle...

There's definitely more steps but to be continued....

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