Opposing Hitler in Germany

Hitler’s rise to power started when he was made the leader of the Nazi party, then in1923 a failed attempt to seize power in Munich. He was imprisoned for treason, in prison he wrote Mein Comf. It was the book for Nazi goals and ideology. Nazism grew rapidly with a million members. In 1933 he was made Chancellor of Germany, within a year he was Master of Germany making Germany a one party state and purged his own party. Nazi ideology is when Government provides everything, Women were to only have babies. Brainwashed children with ideology of racism, there was no religion and Hitler blamed Jews for everything. Everything was to reflect Nazi views even in school, arts, music and fashion.

On January 8th, 1925 a young man by the name of Helmuth Hubener was born. Was a Mormon kid that grew up in the LDS church and also was a boy scout, soon later the Nazis banned the boy scouts and made all boys join the Hitler youth. Helmuth discovered a short wave radio and started listening to the radio broadcasts from the BBC about the true affairs occurring in the World War. What he heard shocked him, he told his two friends. Soon they created Anti-Fascist leaflets and Anti-War pamphlets. They included stuff such as, how evil Hitler was and third reich. They wrote over 60 pamphlets from the BBC broadcasts. They distributed over thousands of flyers to people, it explained how German people were being lied too. Hubener was arrested by the Gestapo at his workplace in February 1942, he was sentenced to death, and loss of civil rights for high treason. Two months later he was beheaded.

I learned that who ever you are, if there is evil going around take action.. Maybe one person can change the world. The fact that even though Helmuth new if he got caught he would be imprisoned or even killed, that didn't stop him from doing what courageous acts he did. The things he did such as giving people the truth, I want to do the same and educate people on what's going on. No matter who you are, someone always has worse than you, knowing that changes my mode from sad to happy because what i got, not many individuals have the same freedom as me. It's important to try and do good in the community because everything makes a difference.


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