Good Life Tour of the Harm Museum By: LIlly Folds

My Name is Lilly Folds and I visited the Harn Museum on January 12th 2017. I have never been to an art museum or taken art class. These exhibits were great to be my first to visit to an art museum. I did not know that art can be in so many different forms. Visiting the museum certainly opened my eyes to what art can be. I enjoyed seeing the african head peace that had been worn during there ceremonies. In the picture above I am next to a buddha in the museum. I enjoyed this buddha because of how old he looked. They also featured x-rays of the buddha on the wall they gave you a better look into the buddha. I enjoyed the museum and I believe that I will certainly be visiting more art museums. Gainesville has amazing lots of hidden gems.

Woman's Wedding Ensemble

Medium of the Art: This special piece of clothing is worn by newly wedded women who are apart of the Amazigh People. They wear this piece of clothing on the 3rd day of their seven day wedding ceremony when they welcome the wife's family into her new home. I found this to be so striking because they have taken someone's clothing and found it so exotically beautiful to be a piece of art. To the Amazigh women it is almost like a wedding gown. Many different third world countries have striking gorgeous clothing like this. It is amazing how much time and effort they put into the dress. The dress showed me that the Amazigh are hardworking. Since the outfit is not formfitting its communicates to me the Amazigh don't idealize the look of the human body as much as america does. It brings me happiness and amazement. The detail was so extravagant to be done by hand. It is amazing what indigenous people can achieve.

Sheep Wranglers

Art and the Good Life: The good life to me is when I am able to travel and see new natural environments. The theme depicted is nature and woman. It also shows Thoreau's theme from about disconnecting from technology and connecting to nature. All of the women in the photo seem to be happy and at peace while socializing with each other. This piece of artwork takes place where typically men would be to wrangle the sheep but makes it more of a "girl world". I truly appreciate nature and all the beauty it has to offer. It brings me serenity and peace. Looking at this artwork I appreciated all the beauty that nature offers to us.

Filaments of Life

.Art and Core Values: My hometown is South Florida which helps you realize how much I love the beach and the city. This photo makes me feel happy and appreciation for where I was raised. My hometown brings me a lot of joy when I go home to visit. You cannot help but be happy when you are at the beach. This artwork is creative to have the busy city with a lot of stress next to a beach where it is calm and de-stressing. I cherish the ocean and all of its' beauty. The ocean is a magnificent part of our world but yet it is still barely discovered. City's do destroy our oceans though. The artwork reminds me that we have city life that is hectic and harms our world. We need to worry about the nature we are destroying with choices we make everyday.

David A Cofrin Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum:

This wing had beautiful architecture that brought natural lighting to illuminate all of the artworks. The open space made me feel relaxed because it was not cluttered. The open space also brought my attention to the artwork because its all there was. The giant pieces of artwork that laid on the ground fit the natural tones throughout the wing.The wood made me feel close to nature. To add to the nature perspective the giant glass windows opened up into a beautiful garden. In the garden there was a relaxing waterfall that brought me peace of mind as watch the water roll down into the stream. Altogether, this wing of the museum made me feel very close to nature. It calmed me down from a rough week of school.


The photos are my own

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