Mrs. Kleinhenz SHelbey Hill

some of her major tasks include: Planning, grading, communicating effectively with staff and parents, following state/national guidelines and trying to balance home and work life together.
Some people who help out Mrs. K are common teachers (teachers that have her students also), she'll also go to administration or get help from teachers all over the world. She has to keep her teaching license up to date, they get renewed every five years. She is due for renewal this summer, $270.
Skills needed to be successful: strong, passionate, caring, organized, brave, tough, committed, able to multi-task and able to keep yourself sane. Interpersonal skills: open minded, good listener and able to talk to everyone in a respectful mature way.
She wishes she would've known the emotional toll it took on her before she became a teacher, also that you have to be tough, strong, and ready to 'beat down often'. Her greatest satisfaction as a teacher is having students who appreciate her, listen to her, respect her, and remember her long after they graduate.
She would change how much respect the teachers have and how much they get paid, she would have teachers making decisions for themselves and making their own curriculum, she also would change how often the administration supports them.

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