I am measured, by a letter

On a card, given by my teacher

I a,m measured by a color

On my skin, in my culture

I am measured by a number

That marks the years i have lived

Yet the things that count

Cannot be measured at all.


Searched for by all

Yet little do people see

You can be found everywhere

In the eyes of a mother feeding her child

Between the pages of a book

In the voice of a friend

Some try to put value on you

Try to promise you in a purchase

But you cannot be bought

You cannot be given, you can only be


Animal Rights

They’re just like us

Two ears

Two eyes

One heart

Yet the language they speak

We can’t understand

So we don’t care

We discriminate

We kill them

And wear their skin

Still the milk that belongs to their children

Lock them up in cages

Raising them only to die

Yet they leave us alone.


Looking at this photo

Children laughing

Best friends

Little did we know we’d become strangers

Growing apart yet side by side

Passing each other each day



Nothing cold or mean

Just the outcome time can have.


Created with images by michael pollak - "ruler" • S.A. Street Photographer - "Red Beauty" • Ben_Kerckx - "lamb spring nature" • Guilherme Jófili - "i got dizzy"

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