Number the Stars Book Diary BY Yoel


I think war its all about dangerous, because people are risking there life for us, There fighting for our country.

the world war II lots of people were fighting for our country they feel like they don´t have a life because no one knows if there going to survive or not.


My neighbors are nice they are always looking at my house to see if were OK. sometimes they get mad because the kids might do something to then.

If some one would go to my neighbors house to attack then or trow bombs to then all ill do is throw back the bombs, because you never know if they would same thing to you. no matter how they are they are made to live not to fight.

Nunber Of stars

I think number the stars book is going to be about war, lots of fighting, and also about hard decisions. If you had to save two persons, who would you save?. Those are some hard questions that i think are hard to answer.

Literaly Analysis

¨Mamas says be one f many be one of many¨.

She means that, you have to be your self dont let everyone know your name or see you that much always be who you are don;t let a person look at you that much.



Man vs Man

''What's that in the button?'' the solider ask, Annemarie didn't say nothing suddenly he start screaming at her and saying what was that in the box. She start crying because they ruined her uncles food but she didn't really care about the food she care about what was inside the pocket.

Man vs nature

The dog started eating the cheese that she had in the basket the dog wanted to eat everything he, was also looking for the bread that she had in the basket she knew that the dogs liked bread on that time.

man vs society

The soldiers were capturing all the jewish people they were capturing them and killing them all. The Jewish people were not safe anywhere there were always in danger because the soldiers wanted to capture them and kill then.

Man vs himself

Annemarie couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen. she was really scared because the soldiers were going to capture her friend, she was really worried about her friend.


Is not to late to fight and do what ever its possible to save you're family and you're friends from a rough situation. In the book Annemarie is able to risk her life just to protect her friend. She acts like allen is her sister so the soldiers won't take her and her family Annemarie would do anything to help her friends she would also make stuff up just to help her friend when there in a really bad situation. anneamarie does lots of things to help her friends family, and annemarie's family its the one that risking there life because there the ones who are taking care of the Jewish people. The soilders are looking for the Jewish people there what to arrest them and kill then sometimes they do really bad things with the Jewish people they were really cruel.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and stocky

¨she was a stocky ten-year-old unlike lanky annemarie¨

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing character´s looks.

lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means bulky or thickset.

suffix-y,relating to or filled with other words messy,cheesy ,lucky.


The soldiers took annemarie's and give it to the dogs to sabotage it. The dogs started to destroy the bread



¨well Annmarie said slowly.¨now i think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard.

They all be protecting the stores of Jews, and they would also be protecting there kids there family. They would all look like they cant do what the enemies said they will only do whats right for then and there family.








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