Jaws sharks bite with thier jaws

History of Sharks

A sharks is a fish. But a shark does not have bones it has cartilage. Cartilage helps sharks bend and move. Sharks skin feels bumpy and rough and it hard like sandpaper it protects sharks and helps them swim faster .

Baby Sharks

Shark babies are called pups. Some pups grow inside their mother other pups hatch from eggs. There are many types of sharks .

Adult Sharks

"When shark pups grow up, they are awesome predators they have many way sense their pray sharks can smell on e drop of blood from away.''


Different sharks have different teeth their teeth are perfect for what they eat . Sharks are meat eaters they have long, spiky teeth for catching food.


'' There are different kinds of sharks like whale sharks, hammer head sharks , and lemon sharks.


Created with images by James St. John - "Carcharodon megalodon fossil shark jaw (reconstruction) (upper Cenozoic) 3" • Marcel_Ekkel - "Whale Shark Diving"

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